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  1. Have not yet tried it yet, as I fear to loose the joy of FSX. When I tried the FSX demo, flying with the head latency, the nice water, finer textures, bump maps, I tried to enjoy some nice FS9 addons, but it wasn´t anywhere the same it was before. I could no longer enjoy it. And since I won´t pay the kind of money MS will ask for addons, and guessing it won´t include Catalina or OV-10 or Accusim style systems modeling, I´ll pass.
  2. Just some Hangar buzzing... Wait... WHAT? Using the AS Bronco, and Javiers Nimitz Class Carriers with AICarriers. This wasn´t actually easy after some beer, quite some small opening there...
  3. Wanted to add this one yesterday, but FS didn´t capture it, so I had to get it again, today, hope you like it, and good luck everyone! It is the AS Huey cruising above Berlin, taken in FSX Acceleration default scenery with the ENV series graphic enhancement.
  4. Im FSX quasi Standard Wetter, wenn man nur benutzerdefiniert einstellt, und die Sichtweite verändert, dann gilt das nur bis 8200+- ein bischen Fuß, da drüber ist Sichtweite unbeschränkt, würde also sagen, dass das mit deinen Wettereinstellungen zu tun hat.
  5. Hehe, it´s very public at the university I study at, too! Often, when someone can´t solve a question you hear things like "Ah, I´ll just write 42..."
  6. Nah, that´s the Bomb Bay doors. Looks like the Martin 187 is correct.
  7. Well, more like an A-20B, or an early G, without the rotating dorsal turret.
  8. From the angle I´d say there are two aircraft, but both the leading edge and the propellor of the lower part, as well as the jet intake on the upper part seem to belong to B-36 Peacemakers.
  9. From left to right: Pilsener, Weizen, Kölsch, Coke, Fanta, Sprite.... or wait... was it from right to left....?
  10. I think the creator has a lot of history in R/C sims, if I remember correctly they do that stuff for many years. Don´t know how a flightsim of them might work.
  11. Maddz, that sounds great, AMD X2 4800+ here, FX8600GT, 3GB RAM, your Rig is a Ferrari compared to this one. Can´t use bigger airports and such, but as I like warbirds and low and slow flying, it´s OK for me. Put everything in the Poll, too...
  12. Some nice moody shots. It is indeed a great model of a beautiful aircraft, very nice to fly! And I love the sounds, just do a flyby with the engine full open and the speakers cranked up! And 6 minutes difference to the real flight speaks for a pretty accurate flight model, too!
  13. I was in the Catalina beta, was a great time!
  14. I like this one, so I quickly realised the idea, I had to this theme!
  15. Been there, done that. Had a light glider on a rope, lit it go only to find out I forgot to connect the battery to the reciever, but mine flew pretty well, was quite a long walk to get there, but luckily I found it!
  16. Yes, I know how to get it, will order the Huey right now! Thank you! Actually it came up pretty fast after searching for other General Aircraft designs, got to thank Chris for giving the direction of General Aircraft, the cabin was pretty similar, so I thought it could be something else they built.
  17. I´m pretty sure it´s a General Aircraft GAL 56 flying wing glider. Got this photo here... It was designed for two people, first flew in 1944. The test pilot Robert Kronfeld was killed in one which stalled and crashed. Had a maximum diving speed of 200 mp/h... 13.8m wingspan, lenght 5.7m...
  18. No, don´t have the 109, but this is in my opinion almost a perfect rendition of a german WW2 warbird, the sounds are amazing, the flight model is believable and needs to be flown, the systems are quite realistic, but pretty well to handle, (and the most system handling can be turned off as far as I know), and the graphics thrill me everytime I look at it!
  19. During the Christmas Competions I chose the Flight1/CH FW-190 collection as a free download, and I really enjoy that one! I want to post these shots here as a Thank you to Aerosoft, and to show the grace of this aircraft in FSX. Scenery is a new released version of Kassel Calden airport. Now I´ll just let the pictures speak, hope you enjoy them! Edit: One thing to add is that the liverie is done by Huub Vink, FHC FW-190 A-5, I hope no one minds the tail markings, if they are inappropriate, a mod may remove the screenshots.
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