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  1. ** Fixed ** After researching the matter of the OCX file not being correctly registered, I used regsvr32.exe to manually register the dll and ocx files. After rebooting I was able to run the DB manager and FSC now works fine. Regards Mervyn
  2. Yes I have installed FSX, Acceleration and FSC all with administrator rights. Regards Mervyn
  3. I have recently had to recover my system from a hardware issue and have re-installed everything afresh. I am having an issue installing FSC. I downloaded 8.6 from my order, but when installing I receive the following error: c:\windows\system32\mfc40.dll an event is unable to invoke any subscribers The only options are OK or cancel. Taking OK seems to complete the installation, but I then receive the following database error: COMDLG32.OCX or one of its dependencies is not correctly registered: a file is missing or invalid The database manager will not run and that of course is the first step before trying to run FSC. Any help would be appreciated. Im using 32 bit Windows 7. Regards Mervyn Edwards
  4. Details sent as requested. Thanks Mervyn
  5. I have just completely reinstalled FSX and acceleration along with all my add-ons after problems, but for some reason the internet authentication process is rejecting the serial number. I have confirmed via the website in my account that the number is correct. Can anyone help please? Thanks in advance Mervyn
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