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  1. Hello ! Suddenly in P3D4 but I cannot say when, I lost my green and red nav lights !!!!!! Maybe while updating to 4.4 or 4.5 ????? By the way I dont know how to put taxi light ! For landing, I have a button on yoke to do the same as "Ctrl-L" but I did not find a way for taxi light ! Please Help ! :)
  2. Hello ! Scenery MegaAirport Paris Orly X was made for FSX and P3D2 but it works very well in Prepar3D V4 ! Is it possible to have lights on even at daytime ! When weather is bad and visibility very poor, it would be more pleasant to have lights on !!!!!! I am sure it is not very difficult to change that ! A very big Thanks by advance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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