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  1. Thank you very much !!!!
  2. When TCAS mode is set to automatic or TA only, blue STBY is always displayed below the Sqw code, and TCAS OFF is displayed on the HUD.
  3. The development team has not moved for many years, has it given up on this product? AS can really cheat money.
  4. brake no work in P3D V4.3 A or K all no work ...
  5. where can i download the The Winair Livery of DHC-6 Twin Otter X ?~i see the Manual of the Twin Otter X has the Winair ,but i can't find it at all , @_@ ~~~give me a download adress please , thank you very much ~!
  6. China Dragon Airline Lukla - Mount Everest trip~ video : - Mount Everest.wmv
  7. so nice ~! so beautiful~!
  8. HaiNan 767-300 El Hierro ~ Gran Canaria By CHH0007 ATC: GCHI Towor ——CHH0001 GCHI Control——CHH2673 GCLP Appoach——CHH027 GCLP Towor——CHH7856 Download: thanks to Aerosoft
  9. malaga2004 & flightcarft A330-200 by CHH0007 CHH0001 Thanks to IVAO-CN CHH027 CSF CDV download: IVAO-China Hainan Airline
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