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  1. Before u do go spending any money. i have the beeping sound aswell. I saw a thread about it but i cant find it.
  2. I seriously think it has been forgotten. MCD if u out there could u get in touch to see what is happening with the repaint?
  3. no i think mcd has forgotten about it ive been waiting ages now
  4. WHAT what country do u live in? I was told it be 17th october and ime in UK
  5. there both the same, both same flight characterisitics its just that the coast guard version has more animations. They both have the same cockpit aswell.
  6. Yep its VERY realistic. Ime still trying to start it up BUT i did my 1st 3 point landing it was fantastic.
  7. YES ive been waiting for this day. now i can finally get the coast guard. now where is my dads credit card :?
  8. COOL :shock: i wonder what the UK will be like. Ime glad they have added towns and cities into it now. Ime gonnah have some fun with this and soon as it comes out. ime off to town to get it.
  9. Its been ages now and was wondering where the repaint is?
  10. samuel150892

    Ime back

    Ime back after playing battlefield 2 and lockon modern air combat. Now just got to get back to flying the slow aircrafts again now lol.
  11. Thx cherokeepilot19, its the one in the link above. I would do it myself but ime still learning to paint and ime still trying to see what is what in the paint kit. So thanks alot and ill look forward to it
  12. I know the desert sheme is mainly for a blackhawk. Check this out though. http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=0518...next_id=0518280 I know how to repaint and there is a repaint kit. Soon as i looked at the repaint kit i was like, which section is for what. Ime still trying to figure it out. I just wanted to see if there was any before i started repainting it in this texture.
  13. Hi, i was wondering if there is any repaints of the seahawk in a desert sheme. Ive looked all over the web and cant find none. can anyone help?
  14. I turn of my engines then switch of everything except for battery then i fold the wings. But as there folding the engines start up for some reason. I have tried many ways to stop this. Can someone help?
  15. ahhh. ty i can fly it alot better now. I love the boxers and the good thing is that i cann have all my settings high and only have a small framerate hit. Even in the VC. Thx to the aerosoft team for putting all the effort into making a wonderfull seahawk.
  16. Hi, i have just got the seahawk and i love it. I have had only a small framrate hit and that it even on the boxer. Also is the seahawk that least responsive in the real world as i find it hard to control it?
  17. ok everyone, u can call me an idiot which i am lol. I mest it up. I thought the order number was the registration key lol. This is the 2nd time ive purchased a aircraft and still trying to get to grips with it. They use that method at captainsim with the registration key as the order number. srry for being an idiot. lol :oops:
  18. I have just purchased the seahawk and i went to install it and i had an 1006 error message. what can i do?
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