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  1. Würde mich auch über ein kleines Update freuen.
  2. Ok, mein Fehler... This is how EDDV looks like at Gate 3: EDIT: Because of the posting limitation I'm unable to reply to your last message I've stated my reply here. I've tried severeal key combinations yet (CTRL+A, CTRL+SHIFT+A, F11, CTRL+N) and restarted fsx after any change, but the window still doesn't show up....
  3. I cant't see a Vistamare entry.... Is there something like a german support topic? Probably I should go to visit my oculist EDIT: OK... my fault.... The Vistamare Entry is still there, I just tried to reassign the keys, but still no luck
  4. Hi guys, I've recently upgraded my AES to version 2.20d, but I can't open the AES windows anymore no matter where I place my plane. Here are some screenshots of AEShelp and FSX: The AES entry is activated within FSX and my used airports are too activated within AES. best regards, Sebastian
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