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  1. Hello Is there any plan to update PFPX to add Prepar3D v5 in Export Flight plan Thanks Best Regards
  2. Many thanks for respond I appreciate it
  3. Thanks for answer is there anyway to cancel this option? Is this related to ETOPS or called Adequate Airport?
  4. Hello Everyone I have question regarding OFP LEGS TABLE. I noticed Destination ICAO code is showing twice in the Flight Plan one in the middle and in the End of Route. As Shown in the Picture, so what does that Mean and why is mentioned two times. And also in the PFPX Map i see X Go OBBI next to the Cursor Thanks Best Regards
  5. Is there any link for preview forum I have preorder that product and i want to know When it is going to be release I am excited to get that product and see the big upgrade to be more relistic aircraft
  6. Is there any specific date for releasing Airbus X Extended Edition Please If any one has the answer call for it Waiting for the amazing product Thanks
  7. Hello Is there plan to add Weather Radar in AIRBUS X Extended Edition? it is important to add it to makes it better and to challenge other addons in the market Thanks
  8. The product is number 1 in flight simulator addons and in the plant If you add weather radar will be great
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