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  1. Hello Would it be possible to add this view, it is to my eyes the only one missing. Thank you
  2. Hello Flight completed the 28th. Date error? P3dV4.4 and AS for P3DV4 Raymond
  3. Hello The Fuel Planner calculates me a total fuel of 14621Kg. The loadsheet well reports this value and loads it well in instant load. By cons in the block it puts the value of 12600kg. Can you check Thank you
  4. Hello Yesterday, during a flight I saw the following message "Company Message". Or can you read this message knowing that the printer on board has nothing displayed. Thank you
  5. Hello I just bought and installed the A318-319 + A320-321 Professional Series (Bundle) for P3D V4 64-bit. In the Livery Manager programs I miss the following thumbnail: All A319 CFM and all A319 IAE In A320 CFM that of EUROWINGS D-AIZV Can you make them available to me? Thank you Raymond Bonjour Je viens d'acheter et installer la serie A318-319+A320-321 Professionnelle (Bundle) pour P3D V4 64 bits. Dans les programmes Livery Manager il me manque les thumbnail suivants : Tous les A319 CFM et tous les A319 IAE Dans A320 CFM celui de EUROWINGS D-AIZV Pouvez vous me les mettre a disposition. Merci Raymond
  6. Felicitations pour ces ameliorations. Je n'ai pas de probleme avec cette version. J'aime les animations realisees (j'attends avec impatience celles non terminees) et qui font vivre les aeroports. Quelques suggestions : -voir le pilote descendre le stair arriere et faire le tour de l'avion pour la prevol. -voir les pompiers a l'atterrissage lors de MAYDAY et le deroulement des tobogans. ente autres Merci olivier.
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