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  1. thank you Happy to have participated. If my memory does not make me defect, it seems to me that the report of end of flight, after the stopping of the engines, is not printed either. Raymond
  2. Indeed if I enter the data manually, fuel, pax, cargo and if I do "LOAD INSTANT", I receive on the printer on board the document "LOADSHEET". But in fact I use the "FUEL PLANNER" and "GENERATE LOADSHEET" because I use GSX LEVEL 2. So in the MCDU 3, I press the LSK corresponding to "LOADSHEET". GSX goes into operation, but when all the loadings are finished, I do not get the document "LOADSHEET" on the printer on board. The problem seems to come from coordination with the end of the GSX shipments and printing. Can you confirm this problem. Thank you Raymond
  3. No I do not hear the printer and the page is not displayed Raymond
  4. I have uninstalled the A318-319-320-321, restarted the PC, reinstalled the A320-321 cleanly after shutting down the anti-virus, and then restarting the PC. I have installed in administrator mode. I just redo the flight of the tutorial and I still do not get the loadsheet on the printer of the plane. I do not understand anything. When does the loadsheet print, after closing the doors? Thank you for your help. Raymond
  5. I will try to reinstall and I will keep you informed of the result. Raymond
  6. Aerosoft Professionnelle A318-319-320-321 V. P3d V4.5 HF2 ( Merci
  7. Hello After several flights, I see that I never get loadsheet that it is the A320 or the A319. Yet all passengers are on board, fuel and luggage are loaded, pages INIT A and B are correctly filled, and departure airport and runway are selected in the flight plan of the MCDU. I do not understand why, am I doing something wrong? Thank you for your help. Raymond
  8. Maybe this week ? Impatient because we love this airbus. Raymond
  9. Hello the update can not be found either by Aerosoft Updater or on the Aerosoft update site, does it really exist? Bundle download version. Thank you.
  10. Thank you DAVECT2003 indeed the arrow was on second nav, everything is back in order. Raymond
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