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  1. Well i think i have allready decided what i'll buy: Lisbon (my hometown) Zurich 2012, i like it's design, location and size Madeira X, close to lisbon, challenging approach (Maybe) Faro X, it allows short flights for me to start my first VATSIM flights. Innsbruck, to fly from Zurich to that famous and challenging airport Then, when i have bought those, i'm still thinking if i'll buy frankfurt, heathrow and Gibraltar (or) Nice. Any thoughts?
  2. I'm in the same situation than you and that's the reason i think i'll buy gsx... i don't have enough money to buy all airports i might like flying into...
  3. Totally agree, wilco's a380 is far from good... whenever i want to fly with the a380 i use PA's A380, with the cockpit of an a340...
  4. Never heard from that airport, but you already gave some great tips on that post about how to increase fps so i'm going to search for more information on that airport. Thanks for all the replys
  5. forgot to mention: 4 Gb RAM memory
  6. Ok sorry for the lack of information. I have a macbook pro (i know it isn't recommended for gaming but i need it for other stuff). It has a 2.7Ghz dual core intel i7, my graphics card is Intel HD Graphics 3000 384 MB. i run Windows 7 32bits through bootcamp, i play on FSX SP 1 and 2 installed. I´m open to any price suggestions as long as it is worth. I´m thinking about buying 3 or 4 European airports (suggestions plz) and 3 or 4 around the world. Thanks for your help, please reply
  7. Hi i'd like some advice on what airports would you recommend me... I'll buy for sure lisbon airport because that's where i live. I'll fly airliners, short and long haul, so i'd like some advice on airports wich are good, have challenging approaches and who aren't very heavy on FPS please. Thanks
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