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  1. I have had many problems with the CTD (Crash To Desktop) with Airbus X and FSX. I am running Windows 7, 64 bit. You can check out my full system info in my signature. I was over clocked to 4.4 and it is now "under clocked" to run at it's normal operating speed, 3.4. I have read where some users were experiencing problems with over clocked machines. I just put mine back to normal to test. Here is possibly a solution that could work for other users of this fine model. *NOTE: I did a fresh install of Airbus X, since it was giving me problems in the first place, and I am running the most current version, 1.22. Also, when I uninstalled Airbus X, I followed direct advice from users on this forum as to uninstall, IE: deleting code in FSX.cfg, etc... Many users state that they also had CTD when selecting Airbus X models directly from the "Select Aircraft" tab within FSX. I had this problem too. Sometimes it would give me an error that stated: "oops, that airplane doesn't exist" or something along those lines. Here is what I found: I started up FSX, at a default airport with no scenery attached. IE: Mega Scenery. I loaded up the Cessna 172 and after FSX was fully loaded at the runway, I added the Airbus X 320, I believe it was US Airways. CRASH... So I restarted FSX, followed the same procedure, only this time the Airbus X A320 USAir loaded up fine. I did a quick pre-flight, takeoff checklist and proceeded down the runway. At my VR speed I lifted off the runway and CRASH... Re-started FSX, same procedure but this time after the Airbus X A320 USAir successfully loaded, I saved the flight and shut down FSX normally. Restarted it, and loaded the flight after I was sitting on the runway. Did a quick pre-flight, takeoff checklist and took off. I flew a pattern and attempted to land at the same runway I took off from. So far so good, at 100 ft before touchdown, CRASH... So I decided to do something different. I re-started FSX. At the "select aircraft" tab within the FSX window, instead of loading the Cessna first, I went ahead and selected one of the Airbus X files. It took about 5 seconds to load in the animation window where you see the aircraft you select. I then tried to select another Airbus X file. CRASH... So re-started FSX and did the same thing. Only this time I selected an Airbus X model, it loaded. Then I selected a default FSX model, it loaded. Then I selected another Airbus X model, it loaded. Then a default model, loaded, and then an Airbus X model, loaded. I did this until I had no more Airbus X models to load. After awhile I could select any Airbus X model to model with no problem within load aircraft window. I selected the USAir Airbus X model directly from the load window and went to a default airport. I did my normal pre-flight, and take off checklist and took off. I had no problems flying around at this point. I have yet to have a CTD. Although I can't guarantee that I won't. Just maybe the lack of loading all Airbus X models within the FSX start screen affects how it handles within FSX. Maybe it's a "pre-load" problem and this fixes it. Again, I'm not saying that I won't have another crash, but it has seemed to work for me since then. Has anybody else had any luck with this procedure?
  2. This warning constantly goes off on approach to any airport. What is this warning and how can I cancel it?
  3. So I figured out the problem with the spoilers. I had installed Joshua Che's FBW fix and that took the use of the spoilers away. After forum reading, I re-patched his latest version, and viola, they came back!
  4. I was doing the tutorial in the manual and saw that my E/WD was displaying "bleed eng 1 - lo temp" through the climb. I couldn't for the life of me figure out the solution to the problem. Has anybody ever come across this? It shows a -17 temp.
  5. I re-read the manual paying more close attention. I'm about to do the tutorial flight. Will update when I'm finished. UPDATE: I flew the tutorial down to the T, and I had some graphical problems. FSX crashed midway through the flight. FSX just doesn't like Airbus X. I couldn't physically see the spoilers working but they were decreasing my speed, technically they were working, I just still didn't actually see them on the wing raising. Maybe a re-install and update to the latest version again will help me. Still a very buggy add-on in my opinion. I really love the quality and I hope the re-install works.
  6. Hi, I downloaded the clearer callouts from this site, and also included the 1000 -10 ft ones. I installed them correctly via the instructions. In the simulator if I approach 500 for example, missy airbus calls out 500 twice. Then it repeats itself down to 100. Any advice on the callouts repeating themselves? Also, I hear "retard" now after I'm on the ground. Thanks
  7. Hi, This is my first post. I bought Airbus X a few days ago. I have been on this forum more than I have flown the plane. At first it would nose dive, then I fixed that. Now my problem is that I can see the spoiler knob working, although I don't physically see the spoilers working on the wing. I have searched the forum and a few posts said to turn the FBW off and ELACS off. This didn't work for me. Any ideas as to how to get the spoilers working? As I said, they work as they should, ie: airspeed drops, etc..., but I don't physically see them on the wings going up or down. Many thanks.
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