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  1. Hi Tim. I used to have real problems with following a route on this, until I realised that I hadn't set the outside air temperature when programming the flight into the FMC. For some reason, it made all the difference!
  2. Sorry to say, the problem's still there. The "map view" on the navigation display is blank, apart from the usual course pointers, which suggests to me that there is no link between the FMC and the autopilot systems. I'm used to switching the source on the ATR, and this works fine. I'm not aware of any equivalent procedure on the BAe, but perhaps you know better?
  3. Thanks Shaun. I'm pretty certain I've been on a proper course to intercept the first leg of the active flight plan, but I will check again later. I'll let you know if it sorts the problem. I've also found someone on another forum with exactly the same problem. I'm contacting him to see if he finally solved it. Thanks. Matthew
  4. When I first used the Eurowings BAe 146, I was able to enter a flight plan into the FMC and follow it by switching to LNAV on the autopilot. Now, though, for some reason I can no longer do this. LNAV will appear briefly on the PFD and the pushbutton will light, but then a fraction of a second later it will go out again. The aircraft will not hold the programmed course, and the FMC will not acknowledge when each waypoint has been reached. Have I simply forgotten a basic step that I used to do, or is there something wrong with the program itself? Any advice welcome! Thanks. Matthew
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