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  1. Hi! I hope it's not too odd, but I would really appreciate a nice rendition of Pyongyang - Sunan Airport "ZKPY" in North Korea. Nevertheless I can imagine it's almost impossible to get any data about this airport. rgrds, Benni
  2. Good evening, I bought the "Mega Airport Stockholm" Scenery via the Download-Store (so I use the newest Version: 1.20) some weeks ago. I use it for FS9 on a Windows 7 / 64bit computer. Actually it's a great scenery, BUT I miss one thing: There are absolutely no Taxiway - Signs on this airport.... I already tried to re-install the scenery, but that was no help... Is this "a bug" or are there realy no Taxiway - Signs in this Version? It's kind of difficult to get the right Lanes on this Airport without any singeage, especially when flying online... Can anyone help me? Best regards, Benni
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