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  1. Navigraph announced today: "We’re excited to announce that from AIRAC Cycle 2204 and onwards, the navdata provided by Navigraph supports RNP (Required Navigation Performance). (...) The Aerosoft CRJ is already compliant as of AIRAC Cycle 2204" https://navigraph.com/blog/rnpsupport?utm_source=newsletter&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=2204_2&utm_content=rnpsupport What are the actual benefits for the CRJ pilots?
  2. For VR this one works great for me: https://www.flightsimulator.me/simulators/flight-simulator/panels/107-ingamepanel-pdf-viewer-for-flight-simulator. Allows 2 separate PDF windows. I place one below (or over - minimizing it when I want to interact with the EFB) the Aerosoft CRJ EFB (custom checklist) and the other on the copilot seat (Simbrief OFP). The author offers several more panels, e.g. the scratchpad allowing making notes (clearances), very useful in VR (on my virtual lap, the GA-plane kneeboard-way). I keep the Navigraph Charts over the yoke moved down to not obscure the PFD/MFD panels (simulating the actual paper chart on the yoke chart clip).
  3. For me it doesn't matter much if I have the digital charts on the Aerosoft CRJ EFB or in separate Navigraph Charts window. The same for OFP, I can have the PDF it in separate window. Flying in VR it's even better to have the separate windows, because I can place one on my lap, the other one on the co-pilot seat, so I can just look at them without changign pages on the EFB.
  4. For me it is even easier to use Navigraph Charts (I fly mostly in VR) as separate panel, but indeed having it in the EFB would be a bit more realistic (however I don't know if there are any EFBs in the real CRJ).
  5. You can import the OFP from Simbrief to CRJ FMS. You can also have one of many addons allowing to see PDF in VR
  6. Consider TrackIR, it will allow you enlarging you view and moving it in syc with you head. For me flying with TrackIR was the only option, until I discovered VR.
  7. I use hat switch to control external view. Or I should rather say - I used it this way before I switched from TrackIR and multiple screens to VR (Reverb G2).
  8. FYI: https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/aerosoft-crj-taking-ages-to-load-su9/508539
  9. Please consider fixing the bug which prevents the autopilot knobs rotating when triggered via LVAR. This is a regression introduced by the previous update. As such should be an easy fix, and a lot of immersion improvement.
  10. Due to war in Ukraine Russian planes were banned from the airspace of many coutries including EU/UK. Please consider reflecting this in the Simple Traffic off-line AI flight plans.
  11. So far I was flying only ILS approaches in APR AP mode. Today for the 1st time I tried the LIML RNP Rwy 18 approach. Which AP mode should I use to ensure both lateral vertical guidance? Should it be APR? When it should be engaged? I tried APR at the beginning of the approach path, but is disengaged and I was left in PITCH/ALT mode, so I needed to switch to fully visual/manual approach.
  12. I use several MIDI panels (bought cheaply on eBay) to get rid of the mouse in VR: - 2 x Behringer X-Touch mini (8 rotary encoders + 24 buttons each) - great for autopilot panel, - Novation Launch pad mini (80 buttons) - great for FMS. The panels are driven by Axis and Ohs software. For most frequently used buttons (e.g. AP modes, HDG sync, EICAS display modes) I use voice control, great for VR, also with Axis and Ohs.
  13. I changed the FL to the lower value assigned by ATC, as suggested. However, the value provided by VNAV advisory (after pressing DIR/INTC button) remained at the original FL. So I was only able to manage the descent in V/S mode by matching be "megenta banana" position before the waypoint with altitude restriction. The DIR/INTC page was not providing the correct descent vertical speed info.
  14. If flying to alternate becomes necessary, how this is handled in the FMS? Should the entire route to alernate be entered point by point into the FMS? Over the existing flight plan? As the secondary flight plan? Any way to prepare for this before the take-off? As a secondary flight plan?
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