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  1. Allright, well put the waiting behind you, and fly something else for now, and im sure the realese will be right around the corner, before you know it! Agreed on other parts. Joe
  2. I havent seen any on avsim, or flightsim, so i dont know what else to tell you. The one they made is sea based only. Ill make one if you wish...
  3. Looking at those screenshots again, i am amazed at the amount of detail that is being poured into this project. It looks sooo good, and i want it to be a perfect realese, not a rushed one. Lets all let Aerosoft take it's time to ensure a perfect realese comes out. I know we have all been waiting a long time, but they people making the thing have been waiting alot longer than us for it to be completed, and lets let them do what they do best. And trust me, i want a realese soon also, but id rather have a complete, accurate, good looking, realistic Cheyeene, instead of a rushed, incomplete one, that people will complain for thier money back, or patches, ect. Do your thing aerosoft! Regards, Joe
  4. Remember, this is a Navy/Sea-Operation Helicopter, it is not a Blackhawk, even though it is almost the same exact think. Seahawks do not operate in desert enviornments very often. The main role is only oversea ops, rescue, submarine hunt, ect. The normal UH-60 Blackhawk is for that role. I am not aware of any paints being avaliable as a desert scheme. I do not own this porduct yet, but if there is a piant kit, i could make a fictional paint for you.
  5. I have recently bought frieght dogs for my birthday, and i love it. Only one problem, the aircraft sounds. I heard the the D18 in the beech on the beach package has been patched. All i hear are default sounds on my D18, i already fixed the beaver to the beavers package i bought earlier. Please realese the sound upgrade for the D18, for frieght dog, becuase i love hearing the old radials of this aircraft. The sounds of payware draw me in.... Hope to hear it soon Joe
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