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  1. I downloaded CumulusX the other day and have been trying to get the ridge/slope lift to work with not success at all. I had to uncheck the "Auto Thermal" and "Script Thermal" just so it wouldn't keep crashing. I know there is a fix for that by changing some root file somewhere but I'm more interested in getting the slope lift feature working. The main CumulusX screen shows that ridge lift is red so I know its not working. However, I've spent several flights to see if it was working even though its showing red and it doesn't work. The debug screen doesn't even show ridge lift conditions even though its the only thing checked off??? I've attached a screen shot pasted to a Word Document to show everyone what I'm talking about. Facts about my FSX and install: FSX Deluxe installed SP1 and SP2 installed CumulusX Version 1.8 installed CumulusX 1.8.1 patch installed Please help... screenshot.doc
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