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  1. Leider muss ich auch schon wieder meine Nav***ph datei erneuern, nur da die Navdatapro nicht Simbrieffreundlich sind. Schade, weil Ihre Lido Charts so viel besser sind... aber es kommt um Gesamtkosten! MfG Philippe
  2. The compatibilty list for the NavdataPro dataset says: " FlightSim Commander for FSX, Prepar3D ", with no mention of FS2004. I use Flightsim Commander 9 to generate flight plans for FS2004. Can someone please confirm that I will be able to use the NavdataPro dataset? Thanks.
  3. Thanks, Mathijs. It's working fine for me today (Windows). There seems to be some portrait-vs-landscape issue in the chart generation but that's easily fixed in my printer setup.
  4. The print icon IS there (desktop Win version) but the printout is 1/4 size and all scrunched up. Print chart.pdf
  5. I have just subscribed tonight without knowing that the print feature (as advertised) is practically unavailable. Is there a good chance it will be fixed in the near future or should I contact customer support to try and cancel my subscription? I am old-fashioned: I like paper.
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