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  1. So it appears that I can no longer use any of my previous A318 liveries before this latest update. I understand we have to make our own and put some text files somewhere lol.. but I have no idea how to do this. There was a link that said "go here and these liveries will work". Well I downloaded one and it did not work. EDIT: I realize I am stupid and should have RTFM lol.. so I did not export my old liveries because I am working on a new re-install of P3D. I have been playing X-Plane now want to switch.. SOO... is there anyway to get the old version of the livery installer, and then open up and export the liveries? Also, how can I tell (or can I tell) if a particular livery is going to work with the newest version or do I just keep trying them until one works? I'm looking for Tarom. I have one and just downloaded another. Neither works. I would LOVE to do it myself but I have no idea how to do this kind of thing. Can someone send me a link to ANY livery that works in the new A318? I just want to at least see the livery manager work. Jeff
    This doesn't work with the latest livery manager.
  2. Just want to make sure before I install RC4.3, are there any known compatibility issues (key conflicts) between the DHC-6 and RC4.3? Jeff
  3. I just purchased the DHC-6 and I've been reading the manual. Maybe I'm dense but I can't seem to find any specifications such as, maximum flying range, ceiling, etc.. Am I missing these in the manual somewhere or do I need to just look them up somewhere? I'm planning a RTW trip and I don't want to get caught somewhere over water out of fuel. Thanks, Jeff
  4. Thanks for the reply Shaun. It looks like the FS9 sound. For some reason, whether I use the Q key or the CTRL-SPACE combo, it toggles sound. Not a big deal except I don't know how it got there and FDC uses CTRL-SPACE as the "next checklist". The only reason I'm concerned is that I've used FDC for a while, never saw this. After installing the Eurowings package, now I see this behavior. In any event, I'm thinking of making the jump to FSX so I will end up throwing away all my addons for FS9 anyway lol.. Hey I see that Aerosoft was at Oshkosh!! Too bad I missed it. I live just up the road from there, and usually attend, but not this year. I hope it was a good trip for you guys. Jeff
  5. I just purchased the Eurowings commuter airliners package (FS9). After installation, for some reason I can no longer hear FDC commands. The key combination of CTRL-SPACE now turns off my sound. I can't find this anywhere in FS assignments. (FS9 tells me this key assignment is available). Even with a default plane, nothing else loaded, it's the same thing, CTRL-SPACE toggles sound. Also, the frame rates are horrible but this is a second issue. Anyone know how to determine where/how a certain key map is coming from? Jeff
  6. Today I could not get rid of the silly ground electrical device (the truck that parks next to my plane) Or maybe it was a refueling tank? It stayed with me during my entire flight.
  7. hmm I did another re-install, then I loaded the default cessna, turned on the Avionics switch, and loaded my BAE, and everything works fine now. Jeff
  8. I'm sure this is something simple, but ever since I re-installed the BAE package (latest 3.2) (after a fresh install of FS9), no matter what I do I can't get the navigation radios, indicators, or the engine gauges to indicate. I think I'm following the correct procedure according to the checklist, and I know it all worked before. I've tried setting cold cockpit and not, neither way works. Everything else works fine, the engines fire up, the other displays all read.. I'm not sure what I did wrong. Any ideas? Thanks Jeff
  9. Whoa wait I found it! It's working now lol Thanks!!! Jeff
  10. Shaun, Sorry but I purchased this at Simmarket. Do I need to contact them? (I don't see an option to reset order). Jeff
  11. Thanks Shaun, I'll do that! Jeff
  12. I am trying to re-install FDC (this is about the third time) due to me re-installing FS9 for other bugs/issues. I purchased it from Simmarket, but I'm posting this problem here just in case you might know what causes this. At the registration, I enter simmarket and the registration key, then I get a pop up message saying to enter the last four digits of my Credit Card used when purchasing. The problem is I used Paypal, not a CC. I don't know what number to enter here. Any suggestions? Regards, Jeff Scharpf
  13. Thanks Shaun, I did post over there. Just waiting for a response at the moment so I thought I'd post something here. Regards, Jeff
  14. Hoping someone here can help. I am using a kneeboard supplied by my VA. I need the kneeboard because we use it to file PIREPS. Each time I run FDC, even if I have relevant options turned off, it always deletes my kneeboard.htm file and replaces it with a blank file. Is there any way to avoid this? Is there a work around so that I can use my kneeboard and keep the FDC functionality? Anyone else ever run in to this? Regards, Jeff
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