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  1. Thank you for this Information, though not yet satisfactory without any timeline.
  2. Any news regarding the wrong taxiway-signs? As there is still no update correcting this released.
  3. Still waiting for the correction of all the wrong taxiway signs. Is there any hope to get the above mentioned precision in the near future? By the way, I think there are signs missing on the holding point of taxyway D. In Google Earth there seem to be some. Perhaps you can check with your aerial photos of the airport.
  4. I'd like to say very nice looking scenery. Especially the textures an buildings are really nice. But some mistakes I found taxiing all over the airport: Taxyway designators in taxyway signs not corresponding to the airport charts (EUROCONTROL, the linked VATSIM charts or Navigraph Charts). If you don't know which designator belongs to which taxiway please refer to the during the installation in the start folder linked Charts. e.g. A3 should be E A2 should be D A1 should be C STOP1 is on taxiway A instead of C C2 should be B2 C1 should be B1 STOP2 is missing (on the airport but on the wrong position) the position where the wrong STOP2 is actually standing is a CAT II/II holding point on taxiway E A4 should be F B1 should be G and the CAT II/III holding Point on F you named STOP1 B should be M all in one -> nearly every sign is showing wrong designators and holding points. The next point is, that there are still blast fences standing in the wrong direction on Apron 3. Meant are the two ones in front of the Terminal. I'm really sorry to find so many mistakes in this scenery and hope they will be fixed soon. You leave a disappointed customer. Do the best to change my mind. best regards
  5. Die Sache mit den Blast-Fences (verkehrt herum) war mir auch aufgefallen. Ich freue mich schon auf das Release
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