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  1. The blue one would be great 320CFM, but have a look at the older retro one sixties&seventies that was on the DC9-30s is poetry! Anyway due to the lack of such a fictional livery I'll enjoy anyone. THANKS
  2. Holgi pls may I know if among your planned liveries 320/319 there's a place for my 2 months ago requested fictional ATI AeroTrasportiItaliani old seventies one as it was for Dc9-30s (you can have a look at them on airliners.net if you're too young to remember them). Otherwise the new (eighties and nineties blue similaAlitalia MD80 liveries, the same on airliners). Thanks very much for your answer.
  3. Hi is there any chance to see a fictional ATI Aerotrasporti Italiani livery as it was on DC9-30s? thx
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