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  1. "Is this a known bug?" ...........short answer = YES Try ths thread :
  2. Many thanks Mathijs for providing these links for the reinstillation of the original (and much loved!) Livery Manager. This makes the management and installation of "old style" liveries much easier. All liveries that have been installed using drag and drop with the Livery Manager also show up in the "all in one" LIvery Installer. Now to go flying......
  3. Gentlemen.... "I am honestly disappointed that there is no support here regarding this question" Maybe we all need to remember that is the weekend and that there is a global pandemic causing havoc.
  4. This issue has been extensively covered in various Forum Topics...............suggest you do a quick search.
  5. Helmut, I have successfully used this method : "To install this aircraft manually, copy the following text into your 'aircraft.cfg', inside the folder 'SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A319 IAE Professional'. Replace the X in [FLTSIM.X] by the next following number (like [FLTSIM.8]) and put the snippet after the last FLTSIM-object. Then you copy the complete texture folder into the same aircraft folder where you find the aircraft.cfg. [FLTSIM.X] title = Airbus A319 British Airways G-EUPS sim = A319IAE model = GDBCF panel = sound = texture = British Airways G-EUPS kb_checklists = AirbusA321_check kb_reference = AirbusA321_ref atc_id = G-EUPS atc_airline = SPEEDBIRD atc_flight_number = 1000 ui_manufacturer = Airbus ui_type = A319-131 IAE ui_variation = British Airways ui_typerole = Commercial Airliner ui_createdby = Aerosoft atc_parking_types = GATE,RAMP atc_parking_codes = BAW description = Airbus A319 - 131 IAE / British Airways G-EUPS \nwww.aerosoft.com \nRepaint by Holgi (simtexture.de) I did the above and this aircraft appeared in the new Livery Installer under A319 IAE Good luck! Quote Edit
  6. You are not alone with this issue. Suggest you have a look here :
  7. Can someone remind me what exactly was wrong with the old, familiar Livery Manager which worked so well and easily! What are the supposed benefits of the new Livery Installer? Thanks....
  8. The "old" Livery Manager only works with A320/A321
  9. On 20th April, TOM A320 wrote : No, instead of using the new "Livery Installer" you can still use the old "Livery Manager". Can you please explain how I can do this. Airbus A318/319 v1. only includes the new Livery Installer v. Maybe I will just revert back to v. and use the old "easy to install" Livery Manager. Thanks for guidance.
  10. Now the "new" Livery Manager will not accept my previously acceptable Livery zipped files!
  11. Bingo! Very many thanks Andreas........shortcut to Livery Manager now working correctly.
  12. I have just updated A318-A319 to v1.3.1.0 and when I run the Livery Manager, I get this pop-up: Something not right here! Any guidance much appreciated. Many thanks.
  13. Many thanks Dave for your customary prompt and comprehensive response. "there are many more fixes that can be added to the upcoming update that wouldn't have made it into the release, and that's a great thing!"..........I am now much less disappointed!! Exciting news....
  14. Thank you Dave. "No date yet for the next update".....disappointing.
  15. Have I missed something or has the issue with the A3xx FuelPlanner been sorted? Many thanks in advance.
  16. Many thanks Dave. Trim Green = Go! However, I am still looking forward to the revised FuelPlanner in due course.
  17. Hello Dave, Many thanks for your response......helpful, comme toujours! "My recommendation is to stay with and instead of using the Fuel Planner for the A320 just use Simbrief and simply enter your desired Trim value yourself in the aircraft (MCDU and then set the trim on the trim wheel)." I agree that I can obtain a more accurate fuel figure from SimBrief but I am still not sure what to use for the Trim Values (enter your desired Trim value yourself)............what, just guess what they might be?! As for the A319 : " but the A318/A319 should be spot on"..........can you please just confirm that you mean the Trim Values are spot on? My main concern for the A319/320/321 is the Trim Values........the fuel figure can easily be got from SimBrief. I am not an A330 user. Really appreciate all the work going on behind the scenes. This is, after all, only a hobby and no one is going to get hurt if we have to wait a few more days for the update! Best....Ian
  18. Can someone please confirm that, if I revert back to v1.2.5, then that A3xx FuelPlanner will not have the "whacky" Trim Values present in v1.3.0.2? Many thanks.
  19. Any update..........please.
  20. Very many thanks for prompt response. Looking forward to early next week already!! Ian
  21. Hello again Dave, Just wondering if there is any news on the revised Flight Planner? 5th Jan 2020 : " We're currently testing an upcoming update with more tailored trim values" I have updated to v Depending on your reply, I may well revert back to version 1.2.5 .............which did not have the "whacky" Trim values! Many thanks Ian
  22. Many thanks Dave for your ultra fast and helpful response. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. I have had no problems using your Fuel Planner for the A319/A320 and A321. However, in future I will now also obtain a fuel figure from Simbrief for comparison purposes. Kind regards
  23. Hello Dave, Just wondering about the status of the "upcoming update"? I flew from EGLL-LSZH today with a TOW of 75116 kgs. The Trim and ZFW%MAC numbers seemed somewhat extreme! Many thanks....
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