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  1. Mathijs, I think you need to make a ruling about this because otherwise everyone will have something to say. IMHO, I think the ATW80 is done and dusted and should be wrapped up. I think we have all read the diaries that we want to read. It's not an exam. My preference is therefore a vote by the 8th. A private email to Mathijs is indeed a simple secret ballot and is a great solution. As for the Pre-1970 / Post-1970 aircraft debate I dunno that it makes much sense, since SeanG's blog, for example, would not qualify for a vote. Best three diaries seems to me to be a fair compromise. Dave Britzius (Cape Town)
  2. I got to the office this morning, and was getting ready to start up the flightplanner prior to take off, when it struck me... ATW80 is over... Damn... it was fun ...albeit somewhat time consuming... Dave Britzius (Cape Town)
  3. Thank you, and thanks for such a wonderful idea.
  4. Thursday 21st December - EGLC, London - 11h40 GMT Success... Round the world in 80 days Total Distance: 25 533 nm Total Time Logged: 178 hours Total Individual Flights: 64 Thanks to all who participated - I found the whole experience to be immensely rewarding. My votes: For Content: Mike MacKeun - "Fantastic Trippe" For originality: SeanG - "The "Right Let's Do This Properly" Round the World Club, what!" Honorable mention for all the belly laughs: Windswept - "Captain Lambert in Biplanes"
  5. Thursday 21st December - EGGP, Liverpool, England The last day and already very bad weather is forecast. We decided to leave before dawn at 07h00 in case the storm tried to throw a spanner in the works at the last moment. An early start from Liverpool Barely reached cruising altitude when the storm struck - scary lightning! Through the storm - clouds thinning out - headlights reflecting from the clouds More foul weather Dawn over thinning cloud Low fog over the outskirts of London The only way to see is to get right down. Fogg thinning out Amazing - The fog just disappeared! As if it had been wiped away! Touchdown at London City Airport Arrival EGLC Today's Flight: EGGP, Liverpool, England to EGLC, London City, London
  6. Well done Mike. A wonderful job. Yours was my favourite diary (although some of the other's were pretty impressive as well.) I dunno whether Mathijs Kok is monitoring this ATW80 flight (he seems to have disappeared) and still wants votes, but you definitely get my vote for value of content, while SeanG gets my vote for originality. Dave Britzius (Cape Town)
  7. Wednesday 20th December - EIDW, Dublin, Ireland Now for a short hop across the Irish Sea to Merrie England In Jules Verne's story, Phileas Fogg was arrested on Liverpool and nearly lost his wager. Liverpudlians appear to be besotted over the Beatles and their Liverpool Football Club. Leaving EIDW (X-Plane 11 default scenery) Leaving the shores of Ireland Passing Llandudno Lining up on Liverpool Airport Arrival John Lennon Intl., Liverpool (Freeware Scenery Courtesy Grumpler and Antwob) Taxi-ing to the private aircraft section of EGGP - (Freeware Scenery Courtesy Grumpler and Antwob) Liverpool City Centre Razzle Dazzle tourist boat on the Mersey river Albert Docks Yellow Submarine Beatles monument at John Lennon Intl. Today's Flight: EIDW, Dublin, Ireland to EGGP, Liverpool, England. 123 nm
  8. Kalizzi is already in London, and I'm in Dublin. Irish tipple! In an Irish Pub! It doesn't get any better than that! Singapore's Tiger beer scares me! I quiver with anticipation... After that build-up, don't you dare disappoint! Dave Britzius (Cape Town)
  9. Tuesday 19th December - EICK, Cork, Ireland We made an early start in Cork because I really want to check out Dublin. It looks such a cool city. Leaving Cork at the crack of dawn Dublin Airport ahead EIDW - X-Plane 11 default scenery (Sadly, my Aerosoft Dublin Scenery is only compatible with X-Plane 10) Dublin City vista Typical chocolate-box Dublin Dublin ten-hapenny bridge Temple bar district Not only olde architecture! Christ Church Cathedral Dublin canal - now isn't that a cool pic? Today's flight: EICK, Cork, Ireland to EIDW, Dublin, Ireland
  10. Really, really nice blog, Jeff I'm only now catching up with my reading - there has been so much amazing stuff published in the different diaries. Hopefully Aerosoft will make some use of it. Dave Britzius (Cape Town)
  11. Monday 18th December - Third Atlantic waypoint The weather is now really foul. The storm has at last caught up. Time to get outta this soup... Take off in a cloud of spray Leaving the two yachts behind Irish Coast ahead The green Irish foothills Cork up ahead Lining Up Cork (X-Plane freeware scenery - courtesy Cormac - XPIH.NET) Arrival EICK - Cork, Ireland (X-Plane freeware scenery - courtesy Cormac - XPIH.NET) Cork Harbour Celta courses - Cork River Lee - Cork Cork Jail - Convicts were sent from here to Australia in days gone by Blackrock castle observatory Today's flight: Third Atlantic waypoint to EICK, Cork, Ireland - 415 nm
  12. " They all got upon the train, which was just ready to start, at half–past one; at dawn of day they were in Dublin; and they lost no time in embarking on a steamer which, disdaining to rise upon the waves, invariably cut through them. Phileas Fogg at last disembarked on the Liverpool quay, at twenty minutes before twelve, 21st December. He was only six hours distant from London." Yup... I am trying to follow Fogg's route as closely as possible, so I will indeed be in Liverpool via Dublin. The problem with a drink in Liverpool is that Fogg was arrested in Liverpool, so you'll have to bring an irish Guinness to the jail! British beer doesn't impress me.
  13. I see you are back with Pan Am posters... This is a really good diary... I shudder to think how much time it has cost you to put it together. Some really good stuff in it. Dave Britzius (Cape Town)
  14. Definitely perfect weather where I am - a few hundred nm from the irish coastline on a dead-calm sea. Dave Britzius (Cape Town)
  15. Saturday 16th December: First Atlantic Fuel-Stop We just got news that the ship stationed at the second Atlantic waypoint has declared themselves under quarantine. We'll have to fly directly to the third Atlantic waypoint. There, two yachts are waiting for us. Leaving The first Atlantic waypoint with tanks filled to the brim. Passing an aircraft carrier - let's buzz them and see what they do... Well they didn't like that much... rudely ordering us away. But what can they do? shoot us down? Oops, looks like they are launching a helicopter... Time to get outta here... The two yachts in sight Hmmm... these casual sailors didn't even make a sealane with buoys... It doesn't matter... the sea is dead calm. Arrival at our third Atlantic waypoint. Today's flight: First waypoint to Third waypoint with a slight detour to mess with that aircraft carrier.
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