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  1. I'm attempting to update these two aircraft for P3Dv4. When I go to my download section it shows v1430 on the left and on the right. I can only download v1430 - there is no The zip doesn't contain Please help. Thanks.
  2. Yes, I understand that. But I wonder if anyone has tried it with v4 and what results they got. Thanks.
  3. Does KSMF work well will P3Dv4.5? Thanks.
  4. I've tried two installs/uninstalls. The A3xx Livery Manager can't be found. The icon is blank and I've searched for it but haven't been able to find a link to it. This is a new problem isolated to the update. Help please.
  5. That makes sense, thank you. Unfortunately the routes I typically fly with deltava.org are similar to the one mentioned above. This really limits my use of the A333 in my sim flying. So is life. 😢
  6. Steve, I'll try a flight this evening. The Aerosoft Fuel Planner shows adequate fuel even with a full passenger load. However, PFPX shows I must take the load down to around 240 pax to make it happen. That's a large discrepancy - we'll see how it goes.
  7. The planner show a maximum fuel capacity of 168,700 lbs. That's much lower than what I've read on several aviation sites and makes a flight of any significant distance, i.e., KATL-SCEL or SAEZ-KATL impossible unless I greatly reduce passenger load. I recently flew real-life between SAEZ-KATL fully loaded passenger-wise on a Delta 330-300 and so I wonder what's going on with the Aerosoft model? The fuel capacity, etc., seems very unrealistic. Thoughts and help please.
  8. After completing a flightplan I see it on the World Map. However, I don't see how to print the map (which I could do in the older PFPX version). What am I missing to simply print the World Map showing the route, any overlays, etc.? Thanks.
  9. What are you using for ETOPS with the A330 Professional? Also, is there an updated template for this new version?
  10. Does anyone know where to get a profile for the PMDG 747-800 pax? I have one for the 800F. Thanks!
  11. Happy New Year!

    Any chance of doing aircraft performance templates for the Corenado Phenom 300 and Hawker XP?  Both are pretty good with the GTN750 modification.  Thanks.

  12. It sure would be nice to have a profile for Carenado's Phenom 300 and the HawkerXP. They're fairly good with the GTN750 modification. Please???
  13. I can't say for sure about different aircraft. I do know that it happens with my iFly 737BBJ. FSP showed I over ran the airport on landing (twice) and on my only departure it showed the same. In none of the 3 cases was I anywhere near the end of the runway and actually cleared the runway well short of the end. Also, to be more specific, the departure was from 7L and the arrivals were on 7R and 14. Note: I just found this... http://www.fspasseng...664#reply_29664 This is particulary important to me after having read the contents of the link. I'm thinking about purchasing the LFPG scenery, but it appears this may be a problem since I use FSP on all my Delta Virtual flights. BTW, it's FS9 on a high-end system.
  14. I've done a search but haven't found an adequate answer. When flying in to or out of PANC and using FSPassengers I always get "dinged" by FSP for over running the runway. I assume this is because of some sort of displacement in the Aerosoft scenery (which is absolutely beautiful by the way). Has anyone found a way around this problem - other than not using FSP? Thank you.
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