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  1. Does anyone know where to get a profile for the PMDG 747-800 pax? I have one for the 800F. Thanks!
  2. Problem solved. I found the newest version, v2.03, and it contains the Aerosoft/Digital link in Export. All is good.
  3. Thank you. The only option I see in Export is for the Airbus Extended. I do not have the option to choose the Aerosoft/Digital Aviation. Please see below. Help please.
  4. What is the procedure for saving PFPX flight plans to the Aerosoft/Digital CRJ? PFPX is v1.28 and the CRJ is v1.2.3.0. I see no place to save the flight plan for this aircraft within the PFPX save window. Thanks.
  5. Mathijs, all logging is and has been disabled (I assume you mean in the Airbus configurator). At this point I have once again reinstalled the two Airbus Professional series but expect the problem to show itself again within a day or so. It does seem we've exhausted everything short of a Windows 10 reinstall which I'm not about to do, partially because that would not solve the situation long term. I will post here if and when the ND Log error reappears but won't expect answers. If this is a Microsoft OS problem we'll just let it go (as far as I know Cloud storage is disabled on my system). But again I wonder what makes the Aerosoft product susceptible to a operating system flaw when nothing else (flight sim or otherwise) is affected. I do hope you'll keep this thread open so we may one day find the answer. Thanks everyone for your suggestions.
  6. I trust we haven’t given up on finding the cause and solution. However I’ve devoted the last several days trying to track this down in earnest. I’ve done everything suggested including the removal of OneDrive. I’ve moved my Add-ons folder from Program Files (x86) to Documents/Prepar3d v4 Add-ons/ even going so far as deleting all my add-on scenery and reinstalling some of it in the new directory. I’ve checked and double checked Norton Security to assure all the potential files are excluded and did a full system scan and assured nothing has been flagged or is in Quarantine. Norton shows things clean as can be. I’ve removed the Prepar3d v4 Add-ons from online backups. I’ve checked to make sure there are no double entries for the two Aerosoft Airbus Professional installations. In essence, I’ve done all I can think of! What baffles me is that this has been going on for months - it’s only now that I’m going after it in earnest. It has been happening since before I did a new, totally clean install of P3d v4.4 (including deletion of the ancillary folders in hidden directories, etc.). I awaited the install of V4.5 until LM released the update. The versions of the A320’s are the new, latest versions now completely uninstalled and reinstalled several times! I realize only a few of us are having similar problems with this add-on. But I’ve been flightsimming since before Microsoft ever entered the game. For well over a decade not a single add-on has had a problem like this, whether scenery or aircraft. I’ve got a hanger full of aircraft, some poorly modeled and some quite good or even excellent considering the state of the industry and its limitations. I dare say I’ve spent $ thousands on this hobby. But the summary is this is so perplexing that I may have to abandon the A300 series from Aerosoft. I don’t give up easily but there has to be a reason we can’t get this product to fit in the scheme of things, for at least some of us. Let’s keep trying a bit longer before we call it unsolvable.
  7. I'm sorry, but I don't understand the language in the Norton screen shot. Everything was fine until just a few minutes ago when the ND Log error reappeared. Could Dropbox be the problem? Also, iCloud a possibility? This is truly baffling.
  8. We will get this figured out! Fully deleted the two versions of Airbus Professional and then reinstalled them. All works fine once again. Then double checked DropBox - the program itself is uninstalled and removed from the registry. However, some remnants remain within AppData\Local that can't be removed. I don't believe that would be a problem. Once again checked Norton to make sure the Prepar3d v4 Add-on folder is not being scanned. It is not. I checked Quarantine and there is nothing. Then did a full system scan and found nothing anywhere on my computer (see attached). Final thought is that I use iDrive to backup segments of my computer offline. Among those files being backed up are those within the folder mentioned above. I have excluded all folders within Documents including Prepar3d v4 Add-ons for the time being. I don't know if this could be the problem but we're looking at everything. Any thoughts? I'll let you know what tomorrow brings.
  9. This morning the same message appeared. "ND LOG could not be generated". OneDrive is off my computer. Norton Security bypasses the entire Documents folder. Where do we go from here?
  10. Dave, I rechecked my Norton Security. The Aerosoft folder was excluded; however the Prepar3d v4 Add-on was not. It is now excluded from all scans or actions although in checking the Norton log I found nothing quarantined or flagged as suspicious. Otto, I just uninstalled OneDrive. That should eliminate any conflict there. I do rename my aircraft in the aircraft.cfg. For instance, "Aerosoft A321 professional DELTA N301DN" becomes "A321-211 N301DN". I would not expect that to cause a problem. For the time being, I think it's just wait and see. We've worked on the anti-virus and eliminated OneDrive. I'll report back either way once we give it a little time.
  11. Yes, the add-on.xml is there. I apologize but we may be starting from scratch which might be a good thing. After writing the post 1 hour ago I again deleted everything and reinstalled so it is working fine at the moment. I'm sure this is normal, but the install created two folders - the one within the Prepar3d v4 Add-ons and another Aerosoft folder residing within Documents. The folder within Documents includes NavData, etc..
  12. I understand that computers are logical - I'm pretty logical myself. That's why I'm lost on this. Many years of flightsimming and many addons both with aircraft and scenery, but nothing like what's going on with this product. Reinstalled yet again last night. This time placing the aircraft in Documents/Prepar3D v4 Add-ons/Aerosoft. Prepar3D v4 Add-ons/ is where all my add-ons are installed. Last night it worked fine, even after restarts (but not shutdown) of the computer. This morning after being shutdown and a computer start the problem reappeared. Let's figure this out please! I've got time if you've got the patience. The log from this morning is attached.ASC.log.txt
  13. After many months I may have found the problem - or may not have! What I did find today is that I had two user names, one of which was very old and did include an App Data entry for P3D. I deleted that folder and old user name. I'm hoping this fixed this ongoing situation. In any event, after yet another full uninstall and clean install I have copied the log after each start. So far all is good. We'll see tomorrow after the computer has been shut down overnight.
  14. Since this topic has not been closed I'd like to report that I continue to have the problem. I've just done a fresh install, putting the A320-21 and A318-19 in My Documents/Aerosoft folder. That was yesterday and all worked fine. Now I get the ND Log could not be generated and a secondary Debug Info: DB File for terrain on ND could not be opened =>invalid terrain indication! (") I checked my Norton Anti-Virus, the Aerosoft files are excluded and there is nothing in Quarantine or showing as fixed. Here is my logfile. This is an ongoing problem, somewhat unique to a few of us. It would be wonderful to get it solved. P3Dv4.5.1, Windows 10 with P3D running on a separate SSD. ASC.log.txt
  15. Thanks guys, really! I've installed as it should be and hopefully this will eliminate the ongoing problem I've experienced with "NT Log could not be generated" which has plagued me.
  16. Does everything install there, including such things as Sim Objects, etc.? I ask because right now I do have it installed in the Add On Manager. Only a few things are in my Documents/Aerosoft folder. Please confirm.
  17. Where does the Airbus Series Professional install to natively? Should it go to Program Files (x86)\Add On Manager? P3Dv4.5?
  18. Not a big deal. If it was something in settings that I’d missed that would be one thing. But it’s not worth editing files. Thanks.
  19. How do I go about setting the Max Passengers to show 186 rather than 220 in the MCDU?
  20. Thanks for the reply. As suggested, and as I've done before, I uninstalled and reinstalled both the 319 and 321 versions. Everything was fine - for a time. While I don't fly the Airbus all that often, today I opened the A321 CFM (Delta livery) in P3Dv4.4 (awaiting a fix to v4.5 before installing that version) and the error message appeared. This is strange because I know of no settings that have been changed. I'm using the Navigraph database but the current version is still current since the last install. Something is causing this error. While it's fixable through a reinstall something just isn't right?????
  21. I still need help! Now, even when loading one of the liveries that came with Bus Professional I'm getting the same message "ERROR: ND LOG could not be generated". These are the default liveries that came with the original installation. Also, I have done the Aerosoft Updater. This is happening for every livery! Please help in providing a solution to this error message. Thanks.
  22. Thanks for the reply. I have the 321. It’s the 320 that I’m trying to deal with.
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