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  1. Hey Emilios, no need to concern about the heraklion releaseb by simbreeze. From the screenshots I can tell its definitely not up to the Corfu x standards. i had the corfu x and it definitely surpasses fsx payware scenery standards. I saw no drop in fps even running other aircraft addons. I think your heraklion will surpass simbreeze, based on the gound textures i saw and the terminal. Meanwhile, just focus on developing your scenery and Im sure it will come out great just like corfu, or even better! -Matt
  2. Once again, one sim platform market will eventually die when more new and new ones release with more features. One day, fsx with die and so will flight; the pattern repeats it self over and over. There is no control over it..... (Also, fs9 users should pickup fsx, some of you have awsome pcs so trust me you won't regret it)
  3. Im not quite concerned with fs9 nor fsx. Im more concerned about what happens when flight releases.
  4. So, some of you might already know incase some of you didn't I'll say this. FSDreamTeam or Virtuali is developing GSX (Ground Service X) and its said that it will work on any airports. (EVEN default airports, payware or freeware) I think you only have to purchase the program once, and you can fully enjoy it. And everyone is calling it the AES killer... It seriously looks pretty darn amazing. Again unlike AES, you don't have to own any payware scenery addons or even any addons, you don't purchas credits, no tokens, or anything. CHECK out some previews on youtube: preview1 - Ground services+people animations preview2 - Catering preview3 - Pushback Truck preview4 - Marshaller .....
  5. Yep, its all good now. I tend to travel on slew mode to take some shots.
  6. Im not much of an expert either, but I do know carenado tend to do a good job on their aircraft. Each of it gets better, i just hope carenado's attention doesnt get carried over to the new company 'Alabeo'
  7. Do you have the c337 skymaster? I have it and i heard that is the only carenado plane that would actually stall correctly. Also carenado had recruited a flight dynamics specialist so it will be a interesting one to watch for.
  8. So, it looks stunning. Hope it get release soon....... Also will aerosoft be distributing the boxed version of it?
  9. Thanks for your help, appreciated! Have a great christmas. -Matt
  10. I tried to register my Corfu X and Mega Airport San Francisco boxed in the FAQs and Support database but everytime I try to continue after inputting my serial it says that my email or serial is wrong. I did select the boxed option when I typed in my serial. The first time I tried activating the scenery in the Launcher I chose the option: I did not purchase from aerosoft. Now I cannot access support database to download updates, IT IS VERY FRUSTRATING! I also send an email to 2 days ago but no reply.
  11. Hello, in the aerosoft Corfu X screenshots I saw some AI-traffic that I am really interested in. I was wondering if anyone can tell me where the AI-traffic can be obtained from. (What software? What site?) I am particularly interested in the Olympic Air Dash 8 you see in the first picture. Matt
  12. Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and I have recently purchased the boxed version of Corfu X. I have some questions concerning the terrain of the island and I am wondering if anyone can answer my questions. My concern is that is it my scenery having problems or is it the way its suppose to be. Either way the scenery is awsome. I show several screenshots below that I took, thanks. NOTE: I made all settings described in the manual. I did not modifie any files. I activated the scenery in the laucher. Processor: Pentium Dual-Core CPU E5400 @ 2.70GHz 2.69GHz RAM: 3GB System: 32-bit Operating System Images: Reply or help is grealty appreciated! Matt
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