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  1. Hey Cimber Thx man for the advice, Well I've seen them before but I didn't like the quality, plus the tail looks a bit different than the real one, but anyway thanks again ;-)
  2. I vote also for the saudi A320, and syrian air
  3. Seriously!! No one likes air france i guess :-/
  4. Hey Holgi!! BTW I just saw the afriqiyah airways in istanbul, apparently they changed the old libyan flag (green) to the new libyan flag (Black, Green and Red) its not so hard to change I guess thank you anyway, u did a great job
  5. What about the New livery from AirFrance?? clean and niceeeeee
  6. Oh thank you Holgi thats very nice of you
  7. Hey HolgiI I was wondering if u can make the liveries from Syrian Air and Afriqiyah Airways BTW I like your liveries a lot here r some pix of the Birds
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