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  1. I have a message coming up when I start Simstarter saying that I should be uising Simstarter P3D but I am using Simstater NG. I downloaded my present version ( what I assumed was latest version) from the Simmarket site 'My Orders' in April which is were I originally bought it when I purchased it. Is this Simstarter P3D a paid upgrade. I would be grateful for your advice how upgrade my Simstarter from NG to P3D. Thank-you, Michael Houghton P3D 4.5
  2. Thank-you for your comments. I have now managed to delete the Backups by Plan and the message has disappeared. Problem resolved. Mike
  3. I have a box opening when I open Simstarter telling me that the Size of my backup library is about to be exceeded. If I open SimConfig to see if I want to delete backups going through the list of files all look diifferent. So it doesn't appear to me that there are any old files. I have sent a screenshot of the files listed and can you advise how I decide which ones to delete. Thank-you, Mike Houghton
  4. Thanks for pointing that out but it did not seem to make any difference. Eventually I decided to uninstall all the Aerosoft Airbuses and reinstall. I then noticed that previously to the reinstall the reset button in the Fuel Planner had not been working and after the reinstall with the reset button working all worked OK. issue resolved
  5. Hello, This did seemed to help but having created the loadsheet when I pressed on LSK6L to iniate the loadsheet which was in green it loaded 52000Kg of fuel rather than the selected 7000Kg. I had to manually enter the Fuel in LSK3L and activate the LSK1R LSK2R ad LSK3R manually to load the fuel, cargo and passengers. Also in advanced mode it set the trim wrong. When I tried to take off with this trim setting I received an audible warning and I had to alter it to DN0.1 before I could take off In the screenshot below you can see that although I had 7000 approx fuel in the Fuel Planner when I tried to iniate the Loasdsheet it shows 52000 Kg in theMCDU and 20000 on the Ecam display
  6. I have recently updated my Aerosoft A320/321 , Aerosoft A318/319 and newly installed the Aerosoft A330 into P3D4.5. When I try and use it in Simple mode it seems to work although on the flight for which I have produced a screen shot from Gibraltar to Ibiza gave a fuel load on the A320 as approx 10000 KG. On Simbrief it suggested just below 6000Kg. However when I change to advanced mode the figures do not make any sense at all. There seems to be no way to zero all the figures. Everytime I try again the figures keep adding up. I have considered that I have an old copy of the Fuel Planner although I used the Fuel Planner in the A320 folder. Any help would be appreciated Thank-you. Michael Houghton
  7. I have Flightsim commander installed and use this with FSX. I have recently purchased the boxed version of Flight Operations Center from aerosoft. Is there any way that flight plans created by Flight Operations Center can be read by Flight Sim Commander?
  8. Dear Shaun, I now understand how the flight plans work. Thanks. Mike
  9. Flight Plans for Commuter Airlines Eurowings Professional in 2004. Can you clarify how to store flight plans in 2004. I do not have FS2002 installed. Do I have to create a file on the computer called FS2002Flightsmyflts ? Thank-you. MWH
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