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  1. 615 downloads

    Aerosoft Payware Twin Otter Extended for FSX New zealand Mt cook Lines ZKMCO
  2. Uploaded today. I dont think Great keppel airport exists in FSX but you can always do Mckay to Hamilton island
  3. 480 downloads

    Aerosoft Twin Otter Extended Great Keppel Island Repaint Textures only
  4. Nearly there Missing a step. Do i need teh UV and reflection layers. I cant get my head aroun that part. or the 3d textures. some are purple usually make invisible do i need those. HELP Regards
  5. Version 1


    New Zealand Mount cook airlines Livery for Aerosoft Twin Otter Extendeded.
  6. As mentoned, paint kit is rather quirky, but getting hang of it as well as the Gimp. The fruselage sides are not quiet teh same so mirroing things wont qiuet line up. pilot and co pilot doors are shifted up so remember that wehn drawing staright lines through them.
  7. DOing a NZ Mount Cook Airlines, hetting hang of it.
  8. Starting simple trying to figure it all out. Havnt done repaints for a while. Couple of easy NZ ones first.
  9. Want DHC6 photos found this http://www.twinotterarchive.com/DHC-6_270.html Enjoy
  10. Going to give Transtate a go first it was my first on the original than I will gibe Hamilton Island a go. Just learning to use the gimp.
  11. Procedure for downloading payware. Download, copy into a backupfolder called payware, create a folder for scenery, aircraft wtc, Then say in you aircraft older you make one called aerosoft, planes then one for the specific plane, copy the files in there. Create a txt file name it keys, copy all the details from you received email there, than it is always avaliable. One folder to back up with all your payware, keys and all
  12. Green bar, just zoomed out to far, but I noticed the rudders do not appear to move, the actions all work but the animations do not, they both seemed to be stuck V1.01
  13. For me I was waiting on FS11, not a cutdown xbox game. Probably same reason i havnt bought ROF. Its nice, have the freeware , but iw owuld like to buy it on CD with a lot more planes. As for flight, it does look nice, but the world doesnt revolve around Hawai, even though most of my carrier ops in FSX are there becasue of the scenery, secondly leaving out other plane makers is the end of it for me, makes it tottaly a waste of time and money. I woulsd like to purchase MS productl because I like them not because I have no choice.
  14. There is a fix for that, and it has nothing to do with system ram. I believe if you look for DFSX and automation dll on google you may be good.
  15. Ok if this is a new product, what could make it stand out above the rest is to have a director guiding your plane onto the catapault, then walking to the side once you are in place. Saw it on a post of an old sim. Cheers
  16. I was just reading an article in a magazine abt a game company that relesed a game that everyone was waiting on, but it was a failure, uncomplete, jsu a bad game, the game compaly finally relented and said they had released it as it was becasue they needed the cash and where hoping that the gamers would pay for it so they could finish it later, I do hope that MS havnt taken that path. Kids today want to shoot things and blow things up, they have little patients on learning how to play the game never mind flying a plane. I guess we wil just have to wait and see.
  17. It wont work for a number of reasons. adamant flight sim enthuiest are not going to wait around 2 years to fly in ther part of the world, without external addon from other developers our choices will be very limited and far between, the current economy is causing people to think before they spend, if this doesnt make money quick it will die. We have al being waiting for something between XP10 and FSX but is just never came, I love FSX as it is, if they had just spent time redoing the engine I am sure we would of all leaped in and brought the full product. I only buy simulators, Trains 2012, Silent hunter, but really only spend time in FSX. And to top it all off, I am tired of having to create accounts to use something, I have no faith in the internet, I have being around long enough to know there is no such thihing as internet security, it is a Myth, its the reason why I havnt bought railworks 3, i dont want an account with steam.
  18. Just remember it must be the K version of cpu if you wish to overclock, as overclocking is your best FPS friend.
  19. First question, have you ever won the lottery, if you find a pc that can do that you should buy a ticket. You may find one taht will come close most the time but the more you add on the more work the pc has to do.intel i5 2500k overclocked is a good start, of course it then depends on how rich you are.
  20. HAs anyone actually got one and tried FSX with it, be interesting to see if the WIN7 patch that is in development for it actually fixes anything. Regards David
  21. When you replay the flight you may have to restart the engines and set it up. for flight, FS recorder and the default player dont remember all the setting, so plane needs to be set us as if it where from a cold start. MAke sure everything is on.
  22. Its not that big a deal, as I said, flick battery on and off and all is good, and this is on a fresh start of fsx with the default flight loaded. Thanks for a lovely plane cant wait for the rest.
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