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  1. Hi When taxi in airports its almost impossible to stop the plane using brakes. It there another way to stop the plane. Thanks
  2. Hi Anyone now a site, where I can download SAS templete to use with A320 PIC. Thanks
  3. Hi I am a very happy pilot, because I finally got the ILS to work and its a great feeling. THANKS
  4. Hi Shaun Sometimes I use the Radnav page and change the ILS frequency, but for the most its not possible to make input. When adjusting the waypoint I can choose the ILS-runway, but the frequency is not in the radiostack. Is there a error in the game Thanks
  5. Hi When flying is not possible to change the ILS channel on radiostack or in FMGS. I have tryed everything - please somebody help. Is it a error in the sim. :?:
  6. Hi Why cant I change my ILS channels in flight. When ILS is selectet on RMP, its not possible to change the frequency. THANKS
  7. What is the reason to have a forum, when you cant get help for a problem
  8. Hi When flying I canĀ“t get the plane to follow my route and I have loaded it in to my FMGS. Is it possible to make adjustments to ILS channels on flight THANKS :wink:
  9. Hi I read this hint about AP1 and AP2 ind one of yours reply to a user, it was even a picture, that show AP1 and AP2 on at the same time. Is it possible to get texture for SAS to this airplane. Thanks for the hint
  10. I bought this because I like to Fly Airbus, but its a complete waste of money. It doesnt work proberly at the AP work different every time and the manual is no good. The indtroductory flight Airbus-Holiday distinations is not even to this simulator, but the nearest to any help. Its not possible to have AP1 and AP2 on at the same time, and what is the use of 2 AP, if only the AP1 is working. I havent landed in a airport using AP, and it to bad. Can anyone help or do anyone have the same problems ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH :twisted:
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