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  1. Thanks Vladimir that document is fantastic. I was able to visually display British turn-points on Google Earth and use TPSelect to choose turn-points around Long Mynd gliding club (scenery on the same site) and make a dat file. Cheers
  2. Hello guys -the library is temporarily down so all files are unavailable at the moment. I always pick these times to re-install FS9 LOL so I have to wait to get these files too. Cheers James
  3. Getting onto the server fine now- see FS2004 post. Cheers
  4. Great idea! My FS9 couldn't find the session at 8.30pm EDT Fri. Maybe i was too late.
  5. Hope you both get well soon -my 3 year old son is doing a 2 week cold twice a month thing at the moment! No glider servers on FSHost but it is very easy to use for most people. Some hosts like Netwings.org are very low lag too. Cheers
  6. FSHost works on all platforms too.
  7. I took the snaps on the last bit of Task 8 as I neared the Thun turnpoint. The task was Lausanne-Montreux-Bex-Saanen-Zweisimmen-Thun about 63nm. I have a minimal laptop but get 20fps by keeping it simple-just use CCS2004 and smaller textures for clouds,autogen etc. At the moment I have set great soaring weather. Cheers.
  8. Hello all - I am enjoying flying the Tour de Suisse from the archives. If any one is interrested I am flying on the FShost multiplayer sites of swiss.hopto.org or netwings.org.I believe FSX and FS9 can fly together on these. Cheers James.
  9. Hello, some help please .The sim-market version I bought today does not have a manual and the above link gives me a php file( ? ) which if I rename it to zip says it is invalid.Cheers
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