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  1. I finally got the install to take. The solution was rather interesting. I have ZoneAlarm. I had it off per directions and typically have it off when installing software (or downloading). In fact, I had it off completely, or so I thought. I had set the option to not start ZoneAlarm at computer startup in order to reduce the background programs running while FS9 is running. On a hunch, I decided to try installing the A-10 with ZoneAlarm running. ZoneAlarm, as expected, wanted my permission to allow the A-10 install to occur. At each phase I granted permission and sure enough, the program installed! My guess is that ZoneAlarm was somehow interferring with the install.. BUT, it was not even started at computer start up. A bug in ZoneAlarm? I don't know.
  2. Well... I was able to get the calculator installed using the same install program. I suspect the problem is related to the file itself or from where I am downloading the file.
  3. I purchased the A-10 this evening and have spent over an hour trying to get a viable install. Firstly, I downloaded the main install package without my firewall enabled. When I first clicked on the unzipped exe file (AO_WART_101), the install programmed locked up immediately after choosing the language. I could not close the install program, so I rebooted. The second time I tried, I got past the previous phase and correctly entered my password, etc. After clicking the button to send the info to your server, I received this error message: Socket Error #10061 Connection Refused. I know I entered my info correctly. I had even cut and paste the registration key as I typically do on sensitive installs. I also had the entered the correct password and e-mail info. I double checked before entering the data. I always do. Using the same password written in front of me, I logged back on and re-downloaded the file, thinking perhaps it was corrupted. Upon attempting to install, I had the same problem I did the first time, the program locked up. For over an hour I have redownloaded and attempted to re-install. Of the approximately eight or so attempts, six of the attempts resulted in the first problem and two of the attempts resulted in me reaching the password entry phase and getting the Socket Error message. I manually entered the registration key the second time prior to getting the Socket Error. Also important to note, I did not have my anti-virus running during the install either. I installed another aircraft from another developer not more than a half hour earlier without any problems. I am concerned about the count down of my available downloads while simultaneously having not yet received a viable, usable product. Any help would be appreciated. I was going to get the DHC2 tonight, but I guess I will wait.
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