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  1. Good day to all! Question to developers: please kindly advise whether you plan to fix beacon/strobe lights issue in the update and if yes, whether you'll do it for Jayhawk only or for other models as well. P.S. These lights seems to become my idee fixe. Best regards, Alexey
  2. I am sorry for importunity - this is really a minor issue, but the model is so good, that it is almost the only one thing that prevents it from being perfect. That's why I was just wondering whether it is my local bug hence I should change smth. in my system/software, or should I be patient and wait for a fix from developers. Best regards, Alexey
  3. Meanwhile I just wanted to ask the community - did anyone else mention that beacons (both white and red) are flashing very irregularily in the air and very slowly on the ground? Or it is my local problem? Best regards, Alexey
  4. Thanks for advice, Matjis. Seems to be the case - FPS are stable over water. Well, it means that I just need a new computer. Best regards, Alexey
  5. Good day to everyone! I searched the forum, but could not find anything describing this issue. Situation is as follows: For purity of experiment I tested the Seahawk at a small airport without any addon scenery, without any clouds and with moderate visibility. When I stand on the ground, taxi, hover or fly at slow speed, I get 28-30 fps and they are rather stable. No matter what the altitude is, no matter whether I use external view, 2D panel or VC. But when I accelerate above approx. 80 KIAS, FPS start to jump from 25-30 down to 10-14. I.e. I fly at 25-30 FPS for one second, then at 10-14 FPS for another second then again 25-30 and again 10-14. This is rather uncomfortable for manual flying. I tried to play with FS graphics settings, but it did not affect the situation much. Thus I made a conclusion that it is not graphics problem, but some complex mathematics being processed in the panel and heavily loading CPU. I presume, it can be nothing but the navigation system, calculating something. I wanted to ask whether smth can be removed or switched off in order to solve this problem. For instance, the nav. system always 'keeps in mind' all the LHDs and the oil rig as 'home bases'. Maybe this can be solved by removing LHDs and oil rig from FS? My system is P IV 3 GHz, 1 MB RAM, Radeon 9600 256 MB VRAM; I've never experienced such situations with other addons - if an addon is 'heavy', the FPS is lower, but stable, not jumping high-low high-low. Thanks in advance for help. Best regards, Alexey
  6. Dear Mathijs, good day. Did you succeed in sorting out the beacons/strobe issue? Best regards, Alexey
  7. Dear Mathjiskok, thank you for reply. Please advise what string(s) in aircraft.cfg is(are) responsible for beacons. I could not find them in [lights] section. By the way, I've noticed that frequency of flashes is different when the helicopter is in the air and when it is standing on the ground. Best regards, Alexey
  8. Good day to everyone! I've just bought the Seahawk and during the initial 'walkaround' noticed a strange thing - the beacons (both in day and night modes) are flashing too slowly for a rotating beacon and for a gas-discharge lamp. They flash like red warning lights on top of high buildings in FS scenery. I looked through the [lights] section in aircraft.cfg, but could not find any strings associated to beacon lights. Please kindly advise whether it is done for realism - whether real Seahawks have so strange beacons. And whether I can somehow make them flash faster (maybe by assigning default MSFS beacon effects to Seahawk lights). P.S. I have P IV 3 GHz, 1GB RAM, Radeon 9600 256 MB VRAM; overall fps is satisfactory, so it should not be the issue. Thank you very much beforehand. Best regards, Alexey
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