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  1. Eiresim Dublin is very old scenery. It uses default apron textures, lights and so on. The terminal textures are very old and bad quality. No landclass, photerrain over surroundings etc...It deffenetely needs to be reworked.
  2. There is a pretty good freeware LTBA on, which is not worse than some payware sceneries. Just needs a custom runway+taxiways and landclass
  3. Just watch at supported airports list when the next version comes out. Is that so hard?
  4. Aerosoft did nothing in terms of development. Everything is done by one person (as well as all photomaterials and other)
  5. Metro 2033 has DX9,10,11 setting. It's possible to have all of them.
  6. If P3D comes with DX11 option (to switch between DX9 and DX11 in settings menu) then big and serious companies should concider to make all new sceneries with both 9 and 11 compability. Old sceneries should get a patch. Most of simmers who will go for P3D surely have DX11 videocard and CPU close to SB but there must be a choise anyway. The question is how DX11 going to change P3D. If it's going to hit perfomance without cool DX11 futures as new shaders and so on, then there is no point to switch to it...
  7. Nothing special... Overspeed, Low fuel quantity, Landing Gear should be in OFF position after "after takeoff procedure"...cmon
  8. Thanks for the screens! Hope they will do something with clouds in the future. They look to bright at night.
  9. Thanks for discussion. That's not our fault, that there are no ME aircraft in MS FLIGHT. If Microsoft got SDK availibile, there would be many addons already. The reason why I compared FSX to MS Flight is because MS did achieve much better perfomance and improved the image quality. Stuff like water is up to textures, and i agree the it's not that good in Flight. The conclusion for me is that P3D should be something close to MS FLIGHT (I say again: "in terms of perfomance" as well as engine improvements) in order to get most of the simmers to buy it. Anyway, we will see what comes in v2.0 version.
  10. Well for me, in MS FLIGHT, there was like 3-4 times higher dencity autogen compared to FSX. There were other stuff like global shadowing (even from autogen and aircraft parts), moving trees, better lightning at night and other stuff. Proof is above. You want to say that FSX has all that? FLIGHT just lacks an SDK and complicated GUI as flight sim had. But in FLIGHT you get 40-50-60fps in high dencity areas with full overcast and so on without sluttering.
  11. If you read carefully, you will see that i said "in term of perfomance". Microsoft did optimize FSX very well for MS FLIGHT. I think that, if we would have MS FLIGHT perfomance in FSX, there would be no more fps optimizing threads any more, because FSX made everybody to buy rediculously expensive computer, which can today handle nearly any application.
  12. Yes. You can go to youtube and watch P3D videos. Also you can google screenshots and so on. I would consider to move to P3D if lockheeds would make their sim simmilar to MS FLIGHT in terms of perfomance. It's ridiculous to have lags in 2006 game on 2012 overclocked PC even with addons. And all this without good shadowing, global lightning, normal weather engine with realistic clouds.
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