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  1. The FF readout was for one engine only, so that's why I got these unrealistic values. Will make more calculations during next flights. Cheers!
  2. ( I know FL230 is not a typical cruise altitude but I made a flight with FL restrictions so my cruise level had to be "not above FL245" according to RAD ;-) ) Stephen, what do you thing about FlyPrecisely profile for NGX? Is this one from AirlinerPerformance more accurate? Cheers!
  3. Hi, I've just tried fuel PFPX bias calculator (during a stable flight - NGX + Active Sky P3Dv4 + Vatsim). My CDU/MFD shows: ISA +9C TAS 389 kts FF 1250 kg/hr GS 403 kts GW 66100 kg SAT -22C FL230 CI 15 / M.63 When I put all the data to fuel bias calculator I get following result: Cruise fuel bias: -49,2% Add drag: 0,3% Is it possible to get -49,2% fuel bias value? My PFPX calulates now ~1600 kgs fuel less comparing to my previous settings - fuel bias +101% and drag 0,2%. Cheers!
  4. Gianni, JustSim doesn't have Axams Church! Most important visual reference point that you're going to put in your scenery!
  5. Oliver, are you going to make fire truck That would be very impressive and original I saw fire truck coming with fuel truck on some airports. All best and keep up a good job!
  6. Oliver, It's weird because AES pushback service had worked fine before I installed MyTrafficX Lite. I always use the same parking positions. Check e.g. V171 and V124 - Mega Airport Frankfurt X (with RWY07C/25C update). These stands worked perfectly and now they don't work :/ Saved flight after set "reset aircraft to exact park position". I'll try once again when I go back home and give some info here All best, INTEL CORE i7 2600K 3,4 GHz / OC 4.5 GHz, ASUS P8P67-M PRO B3, DDR3 OCZ 2 x 2GB 1600MHZ CL7, GIGABYTE GF GTS 250 OC 1GB, Windows 7 Professional 64bit; FSX Gold Edition, PMDG 737-800 NGX "Dreamliner" Ryanair; UK2000 Heathrow Xtreme, Aerosoft Mega Airports: Frankfurt/Lisbon/Madrit Barajas/Paris CDG/Brussels/Budapest, Aerosoft VFR London, FlyTampa: Vienna/Boston; Real Environment Extreme (+ Overdrive), UTX Europe, Aerosoft AES, FSUIPC (registered), A2A Shockwave 3D Lights Redux, FScene X®; Saitek Pro Flight Yoke, 2 x Saitek Pro Flight Throttle Quadrant, Saitek Pro Flight Rudder Pedals.
  7. Hello, I have following problem: I've bought and installed MyTrafic X Lite. Now when I push F6 to request the pushback service I get message "AES Active - no more info available yet" and have no pushback options. All vehicles go away, marshaller stays, I hear sentence "Left is clear, right is clear, you can start engines" but there is no pushback car. AES is on the top in scenery library. When I set Traffic to 0% pushback service doesn't work too. Maybe there is a good solution, I don't want to remove MyTraffic X Lite to use AES. All best, BTW I really love new AES!
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