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  1. I attempted to solve the problem by AES HELP "repair for PUSH" but it didn't work.....finally...................................... The IAS goes up again again again even I don't change the button to IGN. It just makes me crazy!!!!!! Why just PSS and Posky merged 777??????????????????????????????????????
  2. Oh I just forgot about the Manual!!.......There it is.....I would better check it now. Thank you for your BIG HELP~!
  3. I have problems when I'm using PSS(JUSTFLIGHT)777 merged with Posky 777, Especially when in progress of Engine Start during Pushback. I changed the button to IGN switch, IAS goes up and crashes! But other aircrafts like PMDG 737,747 and Wilco A320,330 don't make this problems.....they work best.... Do you have any Idea to solve these problems??????? Help me.....
  4. I heard the sound that AES 2.20a is available in aerosoft forum in the Daum Flight simulator Cafe. There were many screenshots. Our virtual Airline Maker "miyu" took some screenshots with our virtual Airline. When the Downloads were finished, I opened the Flight simulator and used it. And then I could see the most "beautiful" working I've ever seen in flight simulator. I called the cathering truck, then three trucks just sliding smoothly. And they did the work almost clearly. Pushback was just cool, and follow me car was cute. Everything was Just COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL.
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