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  1. I love the Aerosoft Island X scenery so her are a quick made one flying a PMDG aircraft bought in Aerosoft download shop!
  2. Hi Johan! First I´m not an American! Second I have no problem with historical paints or whatever paint anybody like to see within FS enviroment. BUT to make a challange of recognice a symbol that you, Johan, not me, compare to swastikas is in my opinion to marketing political/religious/military voices in the wrong forum. /Patrik
  3. Mr Vladimir Levkov, as I told you before I had no clue about the insignia on your keyring but I have Google and unfortunately there is A LOT of information to read about Serbian Volunteer Guards of Arkan. As a former Air base ranger I´m not impressed of paramilitary units led by Željko Ražnatović, and I hope you only have a bad sense of humor Regards Patrik Soderberg
  4. It looks nice and the colors are slight different on the default english textures aswell. I bet you selected color of the keyring to match the red button anyway?
  5. Btw! Thank you for the inspiration.
  6. Very nice paintjob I have not a clue of what the logo is on the key ring but it looks fantastic! The only thing I noticed is that you have one orange and one red button next to the keyring. I ended up with that to when I forgot to disable the german layers on the PSD paintkit
  7. Hi Trisager! I like the SE-LOF to so I modyfied the textures of the "Landskrona Flygklubb" to be non-reversed PM me if you still would help to modyfy your textures! Brgds Patrik
  8. Sounds nice Chris I also like Billund and often fly to/from EKBI. In real life I have a fun story to tell from 1995. I had worked as a Scuba dive instructor in Cyprus from April to late September and the only flight available back to Scandinavia was with Premiair to Billund. I landed 04:30 in the morning and I managed to get a bus ticket to Aarhus and then I get on a train to Fredrikhamn via Aalborg. Then from the train station i took a taxi to the ferry terminal and went on the Stena Line boat to Gothenburg. I think it´s the only time I have managed to use Plane, bus, train, taxi and ferry in one single day Happy flying /Patrik
  9. 593 downloads

    Repaint of Thomas Cook Airline Scandinavia A321 CFM with reg OY-VKE and callsign VIKING. EDIT Cook_OY_VKE_Wingsupdate.zip contains an update of the wings that I forgot to put in the first Upload, Sorry for that! Cook_Night_texture_update.zip contains an update for the VC night textures. Cook_OY_VKE Contains the full updated verson! /Patrik
  10. 919 downloads

    Repaint of Thomas Cook Airline Scandinavia A321 CFM with reg OY-VKE and callsign VIKING.
  11. Hi! I have missed the Thomas Cook aswell so I made my own I will upload it in a few minutes and I hope It will do.
  12. 475 downloads

    Update to SAS_LN_RKI repaint. The update fixes "flickering" inside the cocpit for some users and adds new textures for the AC plate. Texture_SAS_LN_RKI contains the update as well!
  13. Hi Travis! I have made this paint to suit me and if it´s okay to me I´m sure someone else finds it okay as well The fictional part is easy to explain because I have just paid attention to some detail and used colors of my decision. It is not a replica of the true bird in any ways!
  14. I have uploaded additional textures for you. filename SAS_R_W.zip
  15. 611 downloads

    This file only contains additional textures (by request) for the already uploaded SAS_LN_RKI repaint.
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