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  1. Hello, I am not sure if it has already been reported, but in EDDF Professional Version 1.10 there is a small problem with the display of the parking aids on the Parking Positions F222 and F224 in the Cargo Nord area. While it is displayed correctly in FSX (left picture), it is somewhat "offset" in P3Dv4.2. Looks like the displays in P3Dv4.2 are behind the strut. Regards, Wolfgang
  2. Bitte nach der Installation von Version 1.05 noch den Hotfix installieren. Damit kommt die CRJ auf Version 1.06 Bei der CRJ ist es wichtig, immer zuerst ein original Flusi-Flugzeug zu laden und erst nach ein paar Sekunden auf die CRJ umzuschalten. Ich warte immer ab, dass ActiveSky das Wetter geladen hat, bzw. AES sich gemeldet hat, bevor ich umschalte. Gruß, Wolfgang
  3. Hi Oliver, ja, die Straßenfahrzeuge fahren auch bei mir todesmutig durch den "Erdrutsch" Da ich aber Straßentraffic aus Performancegründen standardmäßig abgeschaltet haben, fällt es mir normalerweise gar nicht auf. Gruß, Wolfgang
  4. Hallo Oliver, wichtiger ist die Deaktivierung der von Bob genannten Dateien. Das Vector Tool sollte man nach jeder neuen Airport Installation mal laufen lassen, dass ENBR dort nicht zu finden ist, ist auch bei mir so. Gruß, Wolfgang
  5. In addition to Er!k the note that Taxiway J is completely missing in AFCAD, but is available in Scenery and Ground Charts of LIPE. MK-Studios should completely revise this AFCAD.
  6. Sorry Jean, but the Dash8 do not work properly with AES together. Use instead the Dash8 own pushback function via FMS. Wolfgang
  7. This screenshot shows the problem more clearly. This time both displays are on the same 20nm scale. TCAS and NAV display are not on the same scale as the aircraft Display. This is particularly problematic in the final approach at airports with parallel runways. An airplane is shown at a position where it is not located. The TCAS Display on the right is showing the right distance.
  8. Well, based on the screenshot it seems that only the Jetways in your sim are wrong. Are you using AES? Then install the latest Version over existing AES Installation.
  9. Hi Dave, why do you downgrade your Airport If in your account V110 is the latest availabe version of LFMN than you don´t need to install V100 (is older than V110) on top. I´m shure that will cause your Problems. Deinstall LFMN and install only V110, nothing else. Regards, Wolfgang
  10. This has nothing to do with the CRJ. Please go to Pete Dowson´s Website Sroll down and download "MakeRunways 4.82" Follow included instructions carefully Regards, Wolfgang
  11. Please have a look at the NAV and TCAS display. It seems that the two displays do not scale. For comparison, please take the 10nm ring from the TCAS which shows the distance of the aircaft correctly (checked with FS Commander). In the NAV display it looks as if the plane is only 5nm away. The range of the TCAS display is also only 10nm, is that a limit of P3D? In FSX I can display up to 40nm traffic with other airplanes. Regards, Wolfgang Translated with
  12. Hello, there are strange things about the TOD calculation. This is at all versions of CRJs. Whenever you manually change the altitude at which the plane should be at a certain waypoint, TOD values are displayed which are completely wrong. For example: Destination airport is EDDF coming from the north via one of the KERAX Transitions. If I don't change the flight plan, I would pass KERAX in about FL310, which is completely unrealistic. Usually KERAX should be on FL110, so that ATC can take over the aircraft from transition to final approach as required. If I now change the flight plan accordingly (KERAX, FL110) the Nav-Display now shows me a TOD of 130nm to KERAX. There is a rule of thumb, which allows you to work with the CRJs very well, but after that I should start descent at a distance of 66nm to KERAX. So there is a deviation of near 100%. Is there a possibility to recalculate the TOD calculation with manual correction? Regards, Wolfgang Translated with
  13. If we talk about Aerosoft Mega Airport EDDM then the answer is negative. EDDM is still not for P3Dv4, only for FS9 and FSX. Wolfgang
  14. Hi, please take a look inside your Scenery Bibliothek. EDDS must be obove the GES+GEN Scenerys. Also deactivate the files from .bgl to .off or .old ADE_FTX_GES_EDDS_CVX.bgl ADE_FTX_GES_EDDS.bgl FTX_GES_EDDS_objects.bgl Take the search function to find the files inside your Orbx-Folder. Have you done the Migration-Function in Central3 Option page? Gruß, Wolfgang
  15. Oh, forgoten to post it is the Version for P3Dv4.2 (fully updated)
  16. Unfortunately, the CRJ Manager from version 1.05 on has the problem that the CRJ Manager doesn't remember the passengers, weights and distances entered under Payload and always starts the CRJ Manager. exe with the factory settings (i. e. almost empty) when the CRJ Manager. exe is restarted. However, the Settings under Options are saved as set. The CRJ Manager. exe of version 1.03 (13.12.2017) which I have as a backup copy does not show this behavior, although both have the version number in the file properties. They differ only from the change date. Any idea what triggers this behavior? Regards, Wolfgang Translated with
  17. It works with both. Regards, Wolfgang
  18. Take a look at the trim Setting. Your Pictures shows up values from 10 (first Picture) to 15 (second Picture)- way to much. How do you trim - Yoke or Keyboard? Normally I trim with Keyboard buttons but my observations during high Speed stall (CRJ Version 1.03) is that you have to use the trim button on the yoke to set trim Settings (down or up) back in the right trim window due Keyboard buttons do not handel these high values. If your trim Settings are in normal range Keyboard trimming will work again.
  19. No Problem also here to install Version 1.05 into a full updated P3Dv4.2 Regards, Wolfgang
  20. Hans, remember the last time Please make sure that the Aerosoft employee has installed the correct version in the installer Regards, Wolfgang
  21. Zusätzlich nach einem Orbx-Library Update diese Dateien noch mal kontrollieren. Bei mir wurden die .off Dateien nach einem Update einfach durch neue .bgl Dateien ersetzt, sodass die bekannten Fehler wieder da waren. Ich werde mal dem Hinweis von Friedi folgen und die Dateiendung auf .old ändern. Danke und Gruß, Wolfgang
  22. Hi, open CRJ Manager --> Option Tab. There you find some Sound Options.
  23. Hi Don, I hope I understand your problem right. Please check in FSC_Window_Option if you switch on the option "Focus back to Flight Simulator". If not FSC will be always in foreground and you are not able to make inputs in other programs. To see other traffic (VATSIM) in FSC you need FSUIPC. From the Manual: You also need a shareware version of Peter Dowson's latest fsuipc for connecting to FS 2004 and fsuipc4 for connection with FS X or Prepar3D V1/V2. For details check Peter's homepage at If you own the FSCommander Version distributed by Aerosoft, fsuipc is included. MAP - Aircraft on Map should be active to see yourself and other traffic on the map. Keep in mind that you should set the internal FSX or P3D Airline-traffic-slider to zero or you will see in FSC that addionally traffic too. That can cause some confusions if you see online and internal traffic at the same time. Regards, Wolfgang
  24. Hi, that means that you have to set manually the course for both VOR´s.
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