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  1. You mean the "Wide-view Aspect Ratio"? Not yet due it was not nessesary till now. Will testing later Thank you for the hint.
  2. Is this only happens to me? The zoom is too high for all views so that the different pages are only partially visible. Changes of the zoom remain only effective as long as I am on the page. What does this look like for you? The rest of the plan works like expected. Wolfgang
  3. As with the small Airbuses, the A333 still lacks the "DECCELERATE" message when passing the TOD. Wolfgang
  4. On the INIT FUEL PREDICTION page you should add a box for ZFW numbers >100. Wolfgang
  5. A333_with ECAMD2D-Fix I miss the possibility of entering numbers Wolfgang
  6. Schau mal unter dem Glareshield nach. Auf meinem Bild ist es der rechte Kreis. Wolfgang
  7. Please add/change the two adjustments in the manual of the A333. Weather Radar: Change brightness. Manual still shows the picture of A318-A321. On the A333 the rotary switch is elsewhere. VIEW FOCUS: Missing entry If activated, the views are automatically changed with every step in the checklist. Wolfgang
  8. Can you check if you also have active in the Checklist Options "VIEW FOCUS". If active and depend on checklist flow it change the views automatically. Wolfgang
  9. Please activate the "Experimental Updates" Options under "Configurations" Wolfgang
  10. @Mikealpha Please press twice. Yes, this has been known since the beta tests. Hans takes care of the problem with the Navigraph charts intensively, so it will take some time until it is solved. Wolfgang
  11. Strange, my A318-A319 and A333 use the same Nav-Data and the same Fluel planner and I remember well there is writen Aerosoft Airbus A3xx Fuel Planner
  12. I wonder what is the reason that you show a picture from the Airbus X planner in the Professional section?
  13. RAAS do not use a FMC in the Airbusses. RAAS use a .dll Module und you find the RAAS entry after loading the CRJ7 at the P3D-Menue bar under Add-ons. But at time only the CRJ7 has that RAAS module active. There is an issue and M.Kok is carring about that. Wolfgang
  14. Hättest Du dazu eventuell Screenshots vom FMC, NAV-Display, Glareshield, Flugplan ? Wolfgang
  15. @flugaxel Da habe ich einen falschen Namen verwendet. Das Tool/Datei heißt AFM2 = Aerodrome Flatten Mesh. Tut mir leid, dass ich erst jetzt Antworte, aber ich bin erst über ein ähnliches Problem im englischen Teil des Forums wieder hier gelandet. Auch dort hat einer Probleme mit anscheinend zwei Layeren und fragt nach einer möglichen Lösung. FS Pilots hat für seine Mesh-Produkte ein Tool, das Aerodrom Flatten Mesh, dass hartnäckige Mesh-Probleme lösen soll. Dazu gibt es fertige Dateien die man in den Flusi einbindet. https://www.pilots.shop/Cms/Ui/Pages/Products/MainPage.aspx?id=ec92ce44-1876-436b-9b16-69793d58be97&pageid=7d221aad-17fa-41d7-a532-cc2adfbd928a Bei mir sieht die Südost Ecke von LSGG nicht gut aus. Der Rest ist ok. Mit der AFM Datei etwas besser, aber ich habe noch keine wirklich zufrieden stellende Lösung gefunden. Wolfgang
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  18. The CRJPro need HDR activated in P3Dv4.5 HF2 Options. But it´s possible to use them without HDR. Please read: Aerosoft CRJ Professional\Data\Texture Options Wolfgang
  19. C:\Users\xxxxx\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\FSX Anstatt xxxxx steht bei Dir vermutlich dein Benutzername Wolfgang
  20. The answer is simple: Nothing 🙂 The 2x click behaviour is reported due the Beta Tests too but it seems Hans has difficulties to reproduce this at his PC. But nevertheless the CRJ works with this behaviour well and set the choosen weights correct into the FMC. Has you controlled the weights there? You must keep an eye on the green dot. It should be between Max Landing and Max Take-Off. Wolfgang You see I was about 1900kg below max Take-Off weight and the CRJ700 climbed perfect.
  21. Today I was also on the road with the CRJ9, also the weights were comparable. But I was on FL330 with good climb rates. On your second picture I miss the speed bug, which is always visible. The VS Mode was only active for a short test, normally I use the Speed Mode for climbing. There you have a better protection agains stall. Wolfgang
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