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  1. @Alexander Benz What you can check is: And also the Question do you have activated the "Wide-View Aspect Ratio" in the P3D Options? Wolfgang
  2. Du musst den Sim nach jeder SP Installation einmal neu starten ohne aber irgendwelche Änderungen vorzunehmen. Wolfgang
  3. Hat der Bus überhaupt schon mal funktioniert, oder hast Du ihn gerade installiert? Wenn neu installiert, wie und wohin hast Du installiert? Wolfgang Sehe gerade das ist der englische Teil des Forums.
  4. Gehe ins EFB auf die letzte Seite des Optionen. Dort kannst Du das ändern. Wolfgang
  5. Wie steht es damit? Bei mir hat mein AV-Programm eine SODE-Datei in Quarantäne gestellt, als ich versäumt hatte während der Installation das AV abzuschalten. Wolfgang
  6. I hope I understand your issue. Have you found the "Autopilot Disconnect Yoke Sensitivity in the EFB Option pages? Are you aware of this switch? If the AP is disconnect you must first move the swicht in upper position bevore you can engage "AP ENG" - Wolfgang
  7. Check if there is something in the options for your camera tool that has to do with taxi. Other users reported this phenomenon and found the solution in Options.
  8. This was made for the 318/319 but you found similar files for the A320/A321 Depend with which aircaft state you want to start you can change the frequency in all four files, or only your favorit aircaft state (I prefer the tournaround state) Wolfgang
  9. Yes, it is possible. I'm at time not on my PC so I can show you only the way. The airbusses have files for the predefined aircraft states (Cold&Dark, Turnaround, ....) Search them and there you can make the changes. I'll come back later the day and give you the file name if you do not find them. Wolfgang
  10. Die Scenerien sind nicht schuld daran, denn SODE ist ja ein eigenständiges Modul. Hast Du SODE mit Administratorrechten und während der Installation abgeschaltetem Antivirus in die von SODE vorgegeben Odrner installiert ? Hast Du den SODE Plattform Manager gestartet und Deinen Sim dort aktiviert? Wolfgang
  11. See: Vol6-StepbyStep /Capter 3.6 After entering the complete flight plan into the MCDU change to MCDU – DATA (Data Index 2) – PILOTS ROUTES and select a name for that flight plan like EDDFEGLL01 and press LSK1L. The save will be confirmed (folder: C:\Users\[Your Username]\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX Flightplans). If you want to use this flight plan just enter the given name into the scratchpad on the INIT A page and then press LSK1L (CO RTE = Company Route). Wolfgang
  12. Please check this thread. Have you also disabled the ENVA files in Orbx Norway? Wolfgang
  13. Mit Admin Rechten, Antivirus während Installation aus und nicht unter C:\Program Files (x86) ? Wolfgang
  14. You should insert the same QNH you have on Pilot side also on Copilot side. Both Instruments work independent. Wolfgang
  15. Zimmi, thank you for the Information. I fly a lot with the CRJ Pro over Europe and in most cases the FMS of the CRJ Pro handle SID and STARS much better as the old CRJ X. But no rule without exception, the CRJ is sensitive to excessive speeds during these phases. That's why there are still pilots - in case the computer screws up 🙂 But I agree with you, improvements are always welcome Wolfgang
  16. Ist der von Logitech? Falls nötig sind die Treiber installiert und die Kalibrierung im P3D-Menü durchgeführt? Wolfgang
  17. I told you, sometimes the simulator is strange 🙂 although I think that this happens during the installation. The entries in the respective aircraft.cfg`s correspond to the information given in the CRJ brochure of Bombardier. As long as the advice helps 🙂 Wolfgang
  18. After Registration (free) you have access to the most EU-Charts from Eurocontrol. Go to: AIP Library Mark: Advanced Search Authority (Code) : Choose the EU Country = e.g. Switzerland Document Name : ICAO Code e.g. LSZH Wolfgang
  19. Good to know. But I wonder what RAAS has to do with max gross weight of the aircraft? Sometimes the simulators are strange 🙂 Wolfgang
  20. If I look at the official SykGuide Charts from Eurocontrol I see the Symbol for a Fly-Over waypoint at BREGO. Or do I misinterpret the chart? The ND of the CRJ Pro shows that too. @Zimmi The CRJ Series is made of Hans Hartmann not Aerosoft. At time there are some more issues but he has not leave any Messages since weeks. Maybe he is at vacation or has to do some programming work in his profession. Wolfgang
  21. Who is Frank? You can change some sound settings via the CRJ Pro EFB Option page. Wolfgang
  22. But you have the profiles into the RAAS profiles Folder? Greg, like suggested from Otto make a clean new Installation outside of C:\Program Files (x86). This Folder is protected from Windows against changes und make sometimes strange Problems.
  23. First have a look into the RAAS Profil Folder: ...\AppData\Roaming\RAASPRO\Profiles If there are no profiles for the CRJ900Pro and CRJ1000Pro, you can create them yourself. To do this, start P3Dv4, load the CRJ700Pro, open the Add-ons menu, open RAAS. Create (name of the aircraft) Make your settings Save Link to current model ( important ) Do the same for the CRJ1000Pro Wolfgang
  24. Zimmi, your observations are correct. I only tested the 900Pro and until BREGO it looks normal with 190 KIAS, but BREGO is defined as a fly-over waypoint and so the CRJ is too far off course to ZH556 and ZH557. I could only save this because I entered a DIRECT AFOLT in time before BREGO on the second attempt. But in no case I had a stall in speed mode. Do you have stalls when the CRJ flies too tight curves to reach the missing waypoint?
  25. @zimmi Zimmi this ist not like the CRJ Pro handle such a SID normally, espacially with a Stall. I will try a flight later the day. Wolfgang
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