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  1. It would be nice to see if you get the same behaviour if you set up the same flightplan manually. May be the flightplan exporter has an issue. I do always put the data manuell into the FMC and have not seen that kind of AP behaviour till now. Wolfgang
  2. Update to experimental version should fix that issue.
  3. Ist das schon die Version? Dann kannst Du über die experimentellen Updates des Updaters auf Version updaten. Frage zum Ruckeln: Warst Du bei diesen Flügen in der Wintersaison, also die Landschaft Schneebedeckt? Wenn ja, probiere doch mal andere Jahreszeiten wie Herbst, oder Frühling aus. Hintergrund: Ich habe zurzeit das Phänomen, dass ich nur bei Wintertexturen extremen FPS Einbruch (von 30FPS runter auf 5-6FPS) habe, sobald ich das Flugzeug auf dem Flughafen in Bewegung setzte, oder im Landeanflug. Keine Einstellungsänderung in den Optionen hat das vermindert. Nur der Wechsel auf eine der drei anderen Jahreszeiten löst das Problem sofort. Wolfgang
  4. This was during descend and I open the speedbrakes a quarter to keep the speed a bit lower, no turn was initiated.
  5. I saw this today when I took the speedbrakes out a quarter. Wolfgang
  6. Thank you, Stefan, for taking care of this. Sometimes you need food for thought. I assumed that the landing lights were part of the model and not an effects file. This is another one of those things that's hard to understand. I installed both the CRJPro (installed outside P3D) and the CRJX (P3D/Ecosystem, for beta testing) and in fact the P3D/Effects folder contains the fx-ASCRJ_Landing.fx file. I deactivated this once and was pleased to see that the lighting problem in the CRJPro has now disappeared! The strange thing is, that the old CRJX still has landing lights despite the deactivation of the effects file 🙂 So I deactivated the fx-ASCRJ_Landing.fx from the CRJPro effects folder for test reasons and now the landing lights of the CRJX were also off. Both variants of the CRJ are installed in completely different folders and you should think that they cannot influence each other. This means that anyone who had the old CRJX but now switched to the CRJPro can delete/deactivate this file in the P3D/Effects folder in case of a problem. Wolfgang
  7. Please don't touch the default camera views! Well, it seems that only me has observed this. I have not problem to fold the table if I reach cruise FL 🙂 Wolfgang
  8. Well, the CRJPro and the A333 needs HDR activated in the P3Dv4.5 Graphic Options or yout get this dark Cockpit. Wolfgang
  9. @Jens Michlas There is no fault of the CRJs. The runways of EKSN are too short (3934ft) for the CRJ, therefore they are not displayed in the FMS. As base runway length Bombardier gives 4975ft for the CRJ700 at take off (MTOW) and 5040ft (MLW) for landing. The FMC of the CRJ indicates airfields starting at about 4500ft. Where exactly the lower limit is I can't say, in my experience between 4300-4500ft. In no case however 3934ft. @Captain Fred97 I couldn't agree with you there. But what the CRJPro and the A333 do is to show errors in your PC installation (Windows, P3D), as both are always compiled with the latest SDK of P3Dv4.5. There were a lot of people who had bugs in their MS Visual++ libraries when the A333 was released, or the client of P3Dv4.5 was changed. After updating the programs the problem was over. The CRJPro was very stable during the beta tests and is now also in "line operation" 🙂 and only the integration of the Navigraph Charts caused some problems with CTDs, which should be solved with the current version. What did this error message tell you exactly? Was it a CTD and you can check in the Windows Event Viewer which error was displayed? Have you ever tried to enter the flight plan manually in FMS? The FMS will stop at the point where there is an error. Wolfgang
  10. It is the default view for the virtual cockpit. Wolfgang
  11. Du hast den Ordner genau dort installiert wo man es besser nicht macht. Diese Verzeichnis ist Gift für den Sim. Das wird von Windows besonders gegen Veränderungen geschützt. Wolfgang
  12. This message appears if the flight plan contains an error. This could be a changed number designation of a SID or STAR, 5 instead of 4, or the airway designation has changed from UP500 to P500. Or the airway has been completely removed. You have checked in the appropriate folders that the AIRACs match? Don't just rely on the Navigraph Manager. Wolfgang
  13. Question: In the A319 you can't see the table at cruising altitude, in the A333 the table hides the MFDs a bit. Is this really the case in the A333, or can it be corrected? A319 A333 Wolfgang
  14. You are not alone in this realization. Already the first users who went long distance had to notice this strange calculation. We hope that Aerosoft will improve it. Please switch to Version This will not fix this Fuel calculation, but other things.
  15. Yes, this behaviour is also known from the A319. Example EDDF, Rwy25C, MARU6M Departure. There you leave Waypoint VFM with 200KIAS (Speed Restriction) and accelerate into a right turn to 250KIAS. It happens that the Waypoint ADEVO does not switch to the next Waypoint LISKU and the Airbus initiates a turn to fly to ADEVO. When I notice this I correct it with a DCT. Wolfgang
  16. I forgot to ask if you use a camera tool like Chase Planes? Some users have also written about high taxi speeds, but there this tool was the guilty one. In the options there should be a setting for taxi. Wolfgang
  17. No, I cant confirm this. Are you using version After releasing the brakes the aircraft accelerate in idle mode very slow up to 19-21kts. TOW was between 180-210t. Even after landing with less fuel on board the taxi speed is in the same range. Wolfgang
  18. Some Questions: Installed with administrator rights? Where did you install P3Dv4.5 and where the CRJ Pro? If you uninstall the CRJ Pro, will P3D work again? Does the Windows Event Viewer show anything at the time of the crash? Wolfgang
  19. No, I don't think so. There are two Panel States folders. One for the Aerosoft CRJ Pro and one for the Digital Aviation CRJ. Both are empty in my case, but both CRJ versions work. Question: Where did you install P3Dv4.5 and where the CRJ Pro? Wolfgang
  20. Always load a P3D default Aircraft first. Do not set the Airbus or CRJ as a default Aircraft. Use instead a plane like the Mooney. What shows the Windows Event Viewer at time of crashes? Wolfgang
  21. Ja, leider ist mit der Einführung des A333 in den vorhandenen A318->A321 Fuelplanner etwas richtig schief gelaufen. Während man vorher bei den kleinen Bussen dem Planer vertrauen konnte, gibt es nun seltsame Werte. Vor Einführung des A333 im Fuelplanner habe ich auf der Strecke nach EDDF-EDDH mit dem A319 ein Up 0.8 stehen gehabt, nun soll ich bei identischen Gewichten Down 0.3 trimmen? Vielleicht hat der Programmierer Up und Down verwechselt? Seltsam, aber zumindest der Fuel ist vergleichbar zu früheren Flügen. Auch beim A333 auf einem 4h Flug nach GCTS habe ich vorsichtshalber 1000kg extra zu den Werten vom Fuelplanner eingefüllt und bin mit einer Pfütze von 340kg im Tank gelandet. Otto, das kann ich nicht als Argument gelten lassen. Entweder ich packe ein Fuelcalculator dazu, dann muss er auch im Rahmen seiner Möglichkeiten, vernünftige Werte ermitteln. Das ist definitiv nicht der Fall. Oder ich lasse in weg, verweise auf andere Produkte und mache das eigene Produkt billiger. Wolfgang
  22. May be this is influenced by a camara tool like chase plane. There must be an Option similar °TAXI" Some user reported this weeks ago.
  23. Da kann man nur Fragen stellen: Ist das nur einmal aufgetreten, oder immer so? Startest Du die Airbusse direkt aus dem Scenario Bildschirm, oder lädst Du ein default Flugzeug zuerst und schaltest dann auf die Airbusse um? Ist Dein Windows aktuell und auch die Microsoft Visual C++ Bibliotheken? Benutzt Du die Hotfix2 Version von P3Dv4.5? Wolfgang
  24. Absolute nothing is changed, no fx, no texture or other things.
  25. It is too clearly visible. HDR on, Dynamic Lights on Landing Lights left and right on
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