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  1. Where is your A333 installed? Inside p3D or outside? Do you see the A333 Folders? Wolfgang
  2. The Altimeter setting warning comes from the RAAS Modul. P3D-Menue -- Add-ons There you can define the transition altitude and warning. Wolfgang
  3. Hast Du in den P3D Dislay Optionen die "Wide Viev Aspect Ratio" aktiviert? Die teilweise schräge Ansicht ist Absicht und soll die natürliche Sicht eines Piloten auf die Panels nachahmen. Wolfgang
  4. After activating the "Wide View Aspect Ratio" in P3D, the views of the different panels look better. That some of them are arranged diagonally is a design feature against the thumbnail? Wolfgang
  5. I have reinstalled the A333 and unfortunately the pushback numbers are still missing. For comparison the pushback options in the A319. Ideas why that might be? Wolfgang
  6. This is what happens. I´ll try the Wide view Option. Wolfgang
  7. I´m aware of the Buttons but where no numbers you can´t change anything 🙂 I´ll make a new Installation. May be it solves some other small issues (view bar) too. Wolfgang
  8. Oh, yes, my mistake. I have missed this Option. Wolfgang
  9. I'd leave it as it is. I've blocked the FPS to 30 and even there it depends on various conditions (airport, weather, scenery in general) whether I can reach them. With the FSUIPC I logged the FPS for my first two flights. 3600sec = 1h LEBB--> LEPA Minimum frame rate was 15.8 fps, Maximum was 30.0 fps Average frame rate for running time of 7027 secs = 26.8 fps EDDF-->LIPZ Minimum frame rate was 12.3 fps, Maximum was 30.0 fps Average frame rate for running time of 6601 secs = 27.6 fps Wolfgang
  10. The only thing I can tell you is that I last saw this behavior on the "old" CRJ version. There a too high speed on the turn was enough for the old CRJ to lose course or miss a waypoint. But already during the beta-tests there was a clear improvement and these S-turns didn't show up when intercepting a flight route, at least for me. Flying a flight route including SID and STARS with the necessary direction changes also works very well with the CRJPro. Would you have the flight route available where the problem occurred? Wolfgang
  11. Well, these messages are gone for all Checklist messages Wolfgang
  12. You mean the "Wide-view Aspect Ratio"? Not yet due it was not nessesary till now. Will testing later Thank you for the hint.
  13. Is this only happens to me? The zoom is too high for all views so that the different pages are only partially visible. Changes of the zoom remain only effective as long as I am on the page. What does this look like for you? The rest of the plan works like expected. Wolfgang
  14. As with the small Airbuses, the A333 still lacks the "DECCELERATE" message when passing the TOD. Wolfgang
  15. On the INIT FUEL PREDICTION page you should add a box for ZFW numbers >100. Wolfgang
  16. A333_with ECAMD2D-Fix I miss the possibility of entering numbers Wolfgang
  17. Schau mal unter dem Glareshield nach. Auf meinem Bild ist es der rechte Kreis. Wolfgang
  18. Please add/change the two adjustments in the manual of the A333. Weather Radar: Change brightness. Manual still shows the picture of A318-A321. On the A333 the rotary switch is elsewhere. VIEW FOCUS: Missing entry If activated, the views are automatically changed with every step in the checklist. Wolfgang
  19. Can you check if you also have active in the Checklist Options "VIEW FOCUS". If active and depend on checklist flow it change the views automatically. Wolfgang
  20. Please activate the "Experimental Updates" Options under "Configurations" Wolfgang
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