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  1. Hello Shaun, thank you! Great job, the fix is working - now I can put the crash detection on again. So, the times of unpunished hard landings are over now. Have a nice weekend - greetings from EDNY. Chris Hecker
  2. Hello Shaun, I have just checked the altitudes as suggested. This are the results: RWY 01R: 143.2 ft TWY W1: 142.7 ft TWY W3: 141.4 ft the other taxiways are showing 143.2 ft All checks have been done on the centerlines in the vincinity of the crossings. Will there be a fix for this problem available? Kind regards, Chris Hecker
  3. Hello Shaun, thank you for the response. I hoped that there would be a better solution for this problem. To me it is looking like the runway has a different altitude compared to the taxiways at this entries, which is generating "steps" which cause the aircrafts to crash. Kind regards, Chris
  4. Hello, I am experiencing the same problem as described above. I have been searching many threads to this topic. This one looks to be closest to what I am having. Each time I try to enter or leave the runway 01R on the south end taxiways, the aircrafts crash. I have even tried the above mentioned afcads here but the problem is still not resolved. I have installed MEGA Airport Arlanda for FSX v1.00 from the boxed version. I did not find a higher version in the support database. Is there anybody with a solution to this problem. Looking for help Chris Hecker
  5. that is Boeing Field Airport. all the models have been lined up as tribute for the first flight of the 787 Dreamliner - so the 787 can not be present in this image. Kind regards Chris Hecker
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