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  1. Can some share how to add swlight to the f-16. Thank you in advance.
  2. The update is missing from the support Database!!!!
  3. I just checked for the file and it is not there....Please check yourself.
  4. You stated in yout email that it would be in the update section I don't see it.........Please place the update Paderborn/Lippstadt X 1.10. I see the other one not this one.
  5. How do you taxi the twin otter in the water? I have tried seeing if there was a water rudder but there seems to be none. Please help!!!......Dave
  6. Now that the fix is made on the winch, how does it work. How do you make it go up and down. I tried using the controls for the FSX and it seems not to work, "J" , "K" and O. Dave
  7. I went to the Support / Faq section and went to the Dillingham X. I see the Update 101 and I click on it. All that shows me is the Q and A and no place to click to download the update. Please help.
  8. Is F-16 and Frankfurt going to be release around the time of Oshkosh. Everytime I look does two product have been delayed. Also I have seen for ads for A10 for FSX but I do not see it on your site any where.
  9. I went into the configuration utility and marked the 2d. When I try to fly with the 2d panel there is no 2d panel. I am uning Vista. Is there something different I have to do using Vista? Dave
  10. I check it out and I only found information as it concerns with the CD version abd not with the download version. How do you install Commander 8 into Vista.
  11. How do you install the download version of FS Commander 8 under Vista. Is there a Vista version.
  12. Looks like aerosoft is having a bad month of Apirl. None of the releases for April came about. I was waiting for the F16 and Frankfurt and more. Usually Aerosoft is ahead and not behind. Maybe you can update you release schedule on the web page to reflect the new release date. Dave
  13. F16 when?????? Looking forward to it.
  14. Is there a way to place a autopilot in the Katana. I looked at the Katana web site and the real Katanas do have autopilots in them. Please make that an option or make it a procedure that the customer can do themselves.
  15. How do you upgrade the Beaver, when it was included in Freight Dogs? I want the Beaver X but I do not want to pay full price since I already bought it once.
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