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  1. There is a service pack for this plane now. There was a memory bug causing a lock up. Give it a go.
  2. Arrrrggghh enough of these FSX easter eggs. How about some X-eggs! BIKF?
  3. AlphaMike


    Any news on the ATR? It's eagerly awaited....
  4. 1.43 has been available for quite a while now and is much more tolerant.
  5. I love flight simulators; always have done. The first one I used was on a Sinclair Spectrum 48k some time ago.... ok, it was not that much of a simulator but it was fun... I'm sure there will be a market for Flight! and I'm sure a lot of people will really enjoy it. Great, but I'm personally not in the slightest interested. I've jumped ship and am having great fun with XP10 and I am not looking back. I'm having fun with the CRJ, SSJ, Pilatus, etc There have been some great announcements recently with Aerosoft, PMDG, etc moving towards Xplane. So in summary there is room for all tastes. W
  6. I recall seeing a post from JRollon that in this instance there is a file to delete that will then allow you to reenter the serial number. I suggest that you manually delete the full crj installation and then reinstall it and it should be ok.
  7. Looking forward to 1.43 I have confirmed 1.42 FMS is not crash proof I know what I am doing now but a simple mistake 50nm from the end of a flight caused a crash.
  8. I have B2 now & will give it a go.
  9. Ok, good luck with that. I think as you say you just need to get used to what you are dealing with. Bye for now .
  10. Just took the Bonanza for a quick spin. I did not notice anything out of the ordinary. It takes a little while to get it stable & trimmed. The roll effects are not as pronounced as say the MU2 nor the Pilatus PC12. I really like the Pilatus because of its instruments but it is much more of a rollercoaster in my inexperienced hands than the Bonanza No offence but I am assuming you do not mean on take off while still on the runway which you would control with rudder. Bye for now
  11. I have heard that they will be patched when XP10 settles down. I use the Bonanza successfully in XP10 & have not noticed any significant trim issues. Please clarify.
  12. Hey, I've discovered the FMS does work but, and this is a big but, only if you do exactly what you should. My experience is that wild clicking = crash. Read the tutorial and follow it to the letter.
  13. Sorry my german is much too poor to help really, but there is a special menu for external power in the FMS but I've not tried starting but from cold yet
  14. Preliminary experience with 1.42 shows it to be much less crashy. I have no FMS crashes so far. Once I've had a little play and tried some of the previously problematic VORDME I will report back.
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