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  1. I thought so, too, but..... is correct! Wow, Congratulations! This fuel station is part of Aerosoft's Berlin-Tegel! It's your turn!
  2. Is it too hard and do you need more hints or is just nobody interested in this quiz any longer?
  3. I would like to see the fuel as cheap as there in reality again!
  4. Ok, i'll do it for you This is very hard, so a short hint: This area is in eastern Germany. BTW: Cheap fuel
  5. "lufthansa.com" on the rear fuselage is missing. );
  6. Hmm, I would say above it's a tube of glue. It's open so you can see the part that is normaly hidden by the cap. Maybe a promotion car with a big tube of glue on top. (Caption) Greets Niko
  7. My postcard: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Airbus X and Stuttgart X used Merry Christmas!
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