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    Thanks Shaun I have a registered copy of FSUIPC. I also downloaded a copy of LINDA. Their literature says they support AirbusX. Anything there? I'm not trying to get you to do this for me. I want to get to a place where I am doing something productive, as opposed to flailing around, looking for an answer. No reflection on you. The sun is shining squarely on me. Thanks Graham
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    Greetings Perhaps this belongs in systems, but there are two systems categories, so I'll save a post. My compliments to the moderator. I am a new user Airbus X. Actually new to to simming. I have started reading the literature, and I have the impression that most of the buttons, switches, values, etc; have to be manipulated with a mouse. I would prefer to use controls as opposed to a mouse. Not only do I have my controller inputs available, but I use TrackIR 5 and staying still over a control with the mouse cursor can be challenging, especially for an old guy Is there a way to map the ai
  3. I don't mean to hijack the thread, but I may have found a solution. I rolled back my installation to FSUIPC and FSX only. Installed Airbus X. Had the same problems with crashing when I ended the session. Got to the point where I couldn't even open the plane. I deleted the trusted info and started again. This time I left the closing session dialogue box open for 30 seconds. I haven't had a crash since. That includes opening FSX without elevated privileges. Maybe a timing issue.
  4. Well it seems I spoke too soon. The fatal error has come back. I'm going to try a number of the fixes suggested. If that doesn't work, I'll reinstall everything. I'll reinstall Airbus X first. Then other utilities and aircraft. Clean boots for everything. I don't want to give up on this. It is a beautiful piece of equipment. Last resort, I'll go straight to support. There doesn't seem to be a definitive answer on the forum and I don't want to add to the clutter.
  5. Hi Aaron, Shaun. Arron: I am a total rookie at simming. I was ripping my hair out. The fix suggested by Shaun earlier in the year was to run FSX as administrator. So far, it works for me. No more fatal errors in FSX. Opening as Admin is a bit of a pain, but if you like, you can download a program called Elevate. It's a handy, tiny program that can be run either from a command box or a batch file to open any program elevated. That way you can run FSX from an application launcher or Search programs and files, etc. Write a batch file like this: "Drive:\FolderWhereElevateIs\Elevate.exe" "D
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