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  1. You're right. I tried without my joystick and no problem for the trim. What I don't understand is my Saitek Cyborg Evo works perfectly well with the FS9 aircrafts. there is any conflict known between the Saitek and the ATR42? I don't see any solution as I'm not ready to buy a new joystick only to fly with the ATR. Thanks
  2. Hello, it's stranger now! I've taken off on meigs with cessna and trim was 5.9 degres :!: after I took atr42 on meigs and pitch was neutral. Anyway it's not changing the fact that i still have trim down to compensate the huge climb! I'm thinking to re-install the plane. I will let you now in two weeks time. tomorrow i will fly (as passenger only :cry: ) to your nice country for work. bye
  3. Hello Mathjiskok, I've tried with AP and it's the same; it's means it's trim down also to compensate, moreover when I'm just opening the plane the trim is already down without any action on it :evil: I don't think it's coming from my joystick cause i don't face the problem with FS2004 planes. Should I re-install ATR42? maybe it's coming from the physical properties of the atr42 file.? 6 months back somebody posted the same issue on the forum but no reply. thanks to help if possible.
  4. Hello guys, After lot of trials I'm always forced to trim a lot in order to compensate the huge pitch of my plane (more than 25 degres). I specify that my plane is empty (no passenger, no freight, and fuel at 40%). I've attached pic just to show you the level of the trim. Is it really normal to trim like this or something wrong? Waiting your helpful comments. bye
  5. Hello Eid6265, the overweight was the reason thanks very much, I need lot of hours of pratice now (I'm coming from beechcraft king air 350). Just one question : is it normal to trim a lot to stabilize the plane? again thanks for your help
  6. Thank you very much everybody for your help. I'm gonna try. I guess solution is coming from the overweight. eid6265, if you don't open the config program you should not have any passenger, isn't it?
  7. thanks Skydvdan, but unfortunately this is not the reason. I put flap up immediately after take off but the speed is decreasing to 80kts and I scratch the plane systematically. Is it a hardware issue ? or someting missing on the procedure? thks
  8. Hello everybody, I've just got Eurowings and I'm trying to fly with ATR 42-300. After take off I'm not able to fly over 100 Kts (torque at 90%, and prop rpm at 100% :x ). I really don't understand, everything seems ok but apparently not! Thanks for your help (anybody in french can help me :?: ).
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