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  1. Intel Quad Core Extreme QX6800 2,93 Ghz ASUS Striker Extreme EVGA GeForce GTX 480 (+Overclocked Edition) TAGAN 1300W 3Gb DDR2 RAM 1 Terabyte Seagate Barracuda Windows XP SP3 Frames rates with Aerosoft Antalya = From 12 fps to 17 fps... With others and/or Aerosoft sceneries = From 26 fps to 50 fps.
  2. It works... you are the best, by the way Im a fan from you since your first scenery for FS (Bremen).
  3. Im disabled all Balearic Island scenerys, by the way the same for those Scenery\Eurw BGL's folder, still the same... I dunno what to do with that problem.
  4. Oliver, so you mean is there any plan to release an automatic fix file? thank you,
  5. Im with you Rob, Im very disappointed with Aerosoft Barcelona X, I hate this problem, and I know I have all the sceneries right installed, Im just tried a lot of ways... but nothing fix it, it's a pity because the scenery looks awesome. It's awful to see when you are flying those ships in the city and totally wrong coastlines...
  6. Im installed the latest updated, and still the same problem: wrong coastlines/roads and big ships in the city.
  7. Ops! Good news, Im going to install it so the next week... thank you!
  8. It's a serious problem, I trust always in Aerosoft Support... but I will be pacient... By the way, Im purchased TODAY Munich scenery, just for forget this nightmare coastlines and ships in the city.
  9. Im still loving this scenery, but nothing to do with the coast lines problem... I wait for the next Service Pack/Update, so meanwhile still flying it. Other problem: there's ships in the city. By the way, I miss Spanair statics aircrafts. FS9 (all sceneries) Quad Core QX6850 Extreme 2,93 NVIDIA GeForce GTX 480 Win XP SP3
  10. Im just purchased Barcelona for FS9 and after installed it Im noticed the wrong costlines and road on the water (the same problem like "Delta777", I have no any landclass and I have all Aerosoft Sceneries right installed. Please fix it asap! By the way, congratulations for the scenery...
  11. I have no words... cannot wait (FS9).
  12. Im purchased all these airports (X series) with single releases for FS2004, and now I have seen they are budle... ok but Do I need to purchase it again? Is there anything updated? Thank you
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