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  1. Two years waiting, but worth the wait! ( ) Thanks, Aerosoft!
  2. In case anybody cares: I am leaving this board now. I will still enjoy Aerosoft products as I believe they are making the best for FSX there is at the moment and the support is great, but I will not read or post here anymore. This place is crawling ... I have read about enough here by computer illiterates, morons, trolls, or whatever other FSX bashers plaguing this board ... my final advice to those: If all you can do about your endless frustration about Aerosoft producing most of its great new add-ons for FSX-only (except AES, which will be FSX soon) or that you are still stuck with your ancient rig is ranting, lying, throwing tantrums and trolling, then I suggest you go see a shrink. No one takes you seriously. This was fun for a while, the frame completes were even true for some time, but not any more ... See you all around ... and happy flying ... I'm off to a troll-free place. Tolerance is fine, but methinks, the staff is overdoing it here. Marc, signing off. To staff: Keep up the excellent work, looking forward to the next release!
  3. If you hate FSX that much, then fly FS9 and - with respect - leave us alone. The amount of FSX bashing by uniformed simmers like you is really getting most annoying ... If you are honestly interested in learning about computers, read this: or a similar hardware guide and then think again about your frame-claim. That quote of yours is actually sort of embarrassing ... What is it actually that guys like you want? If you are so happy with flying FS9, then, why not just do it and be quiet?
  4. You guys mean the airport, LOWW, right? Vienna (the city) is part of Austria Pro X.
  5. I'd rather fly FSX in 2020 than jump onto that waggon ...
  6. So do I - just to let people know I'm not a FS9 hater, I just believe it had it's time ... now here are a few nice shots I took in FS9 : ( if it's utterly OT here, don't hesitate to move it ... )
  7. ... you know, those FSX bashing rants are getting tedious, really, like a stuck record ... even WEA stopped with those, thankfully ... do you have to start all over again??? Oh yes : $ 750,- ...
  8. very small shot, but you will notice that something's not quite right here ...
  9. Fantastic hint, thanks a lot, Konrad!
  10. However GEX Europe is in the pipeline : ( well, actually has been for a long long time ... )
  11. Also, because of - how shall I put it - financial difficulties of the owner, FSGenesis is currently selling it's stuff very cheap! (This doesn't affect the quality of the mesh, of course).
  12. To get a better framerate, FSX requires CPU power, not GPU power ... frankly, a Q6600 ist absolutely NOT high end ... check this out : cheers,
  13. Check this out : Shortest possible description : Better ground textures. compatibility should be no problem ...
  14. It says "FSX & FS9" ... does this mean the FSX version will simply be the FS9 version made compatible or is it a different version using FSX' assets? thanks!
  15. That is the key issue ... yep ... even today, the vast majority of all newly produced PC games are console conversions or at least parallely produced stuff ... wasn't Crysis the last big PC-only title??? I too believe that it is likely, that MS will eventually produce some flying GAME for consoles ... probably some multiplayer arcade game or so ... :\ But - as has been said - for the next 5 years or so nothing will change for us ... I hope
  16. Uhm - I am seeing exactly the opposite - most FS9ers claimed, they'd "skip" FSX and wait for the next version, to come in 2009/2010 or so ... but now with FS11 (or whatever it'll be called) delayed probably for a much longer time, I guess most will move to FSX. FSX will now be the "top model" for a much longer time and companies won't drop FSX anytime soon as they dropped FS9 when FSX came out. In two years tops, 90% of simmers will have PCs that can run FSX with all details maxed. By then, the number of add-ons will be huge already. So, imho very many FS9 fans will move to FSX in the foreseeable future, because there won't be an FS11 for some time.
  17. Are you using some add-on for the sky to look that way? Thanks!
  18. Ok, since this is turning into a repaint thread, lol, here's the Aerosoft chopper of Monaco ...
  19. Hey, no problem ... just wanted to point out why I am not posting in the correct thread, Shaun cheers,
  20. Ah, no fellas, you both misunderstood - what I meant is that when I post something in the preview section, I do not have the option to add attachments! (Seeing pics posted by you guys is no problem ... perhaps admin rights are required?) In this section for example, no problem - see attached screenshots! ( workaround : give me admin rights ... )
  21. Ok, for reasons unknown attachments don't seem to work in the "preview" section ... at least for me, lol ... hence the post here: Here's a comparison shot of one of Mathij's preview pics with a Google Earth shot from approximately the same angle / height ... check out how each building has been modelled extremely lifelike!!! *drool*
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