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  1. Thanks for that info Hans. Do you know if it is being updated to work with P3d v5, and if so, when it might be done? -Ed
  2. When I try to open the CRJ 700-900 manager I get an error message saying "Lockheed-Martin Prepar3d (v4 or higher) path could not be found!". I am using P3D v5. Any help on how to point it to the correct path? -Ed
  3. No, I cannot change the size of the main map window in FSC9. It seems to be locked at full screen. Well.... when I switch from full window to minimize, it gets about an inch smaller, but that is it. I cannot change it at all.
  4. Is there any way to resize the main map window in FSC9? I've tried everything but no luck. Very frustrating.
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