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  1. This is probably what your looking for.
  2. Very nice indeed. Which company made that 757; Captain Sim, QW, or Just Flight?
  3. Ya that's the one reason why NGX is still my favorite plane due to the FMC and letting me know where the runway is on the displays for landing and takeoff.
  4. I originally landed at 2am for a Vatsim flight I did with Airbus X. Then with a ENB I was using it was to dark to see a thing, so I was just giving heading holds and trying to get the altitude as close as I could to TNCM Runway 10 Charts. Had a high approach, but oh well. I just replayed the landing during the day time so you could see more, but the fog didn't help! If everything goes well when the Extended version comes out this plane will easily be my favorite over the NGX. The sounds are just so nice in the Airbus X.
  5. Love this plane a lot and can't wait for the extended version to come out!
  6. Oh boy I kept trying to find it like that just wouldn't work.
  7. Na, want to just keep them on website for people.
  8. Holy crap thanks for using my repaint!!!! Can't believe you of all people made a video with it!!
  9. Would I be able to beta test this? I was redirected to ask here in the email I recieved. I have beta tested other addons before so I do know what to look for in bugs or errors. Some basic information about me is that my name isMichael and I am 22 years old. I currently get about 40 hours per week in Flight Simulator which could go to beta testing your scenery. If you need to know more please email me back asking what you need. The specs of my computer are listed as below: CPU: i7 2600K @ 4.3GHz Motherboard: Asus P8Z68 RAM: 16GB Graphics Card: GTX 560Ti Superclocked
  10. Was not overspeed if you looked the i just had it set at 230, but the plane was well below 230knots if you looked at the copilot side, of course fuel is low was on approach and landed with 5000lbs, and this was on approach not after takeoff... cmon Also flying on vatsim so I'm following ZAU controller into KMKE. Anymore wrong comments you would like to say?
  11. So I decided to buy Active Sky 2012 the other day and want to show you some pictures of my sim with it now. All I have is 4 photos start with, but will try to continue and build on with more! Hope you like 'em!
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