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  1. Hi I have downloaded your Airbus A319 easyjet SHAKESPEARE G-EZBI but I am getting a black cockpit can you please help Colin.



  2. No its EasyJet G-EZBI SHAKESPEARE it is by prognosis2001
  3. its an EasyJet texture here is all the textures in the folder AIRBUSX_V2_VC_MAINPANEL_C.dds AIRBUSX_V2_VC_MAINPANEL_L.dds AS_A319_EXTBELLY_C.dds AS_A319_EXTBELLY_S.dds AS_A319_EXTELEVATOR_C.dds AS_A319_EXTELEVATOR_S.dds AS_A319_EXTNOSE_C.dds AS_A319_EXTNOSE_S.dds AS_A319_EXTTAIL_PL2WIN_C.dds AS_A319_EXTTAIL_PL2WIN_L.dds AS_A319_EXTTAIL_PL2WIN_S.dds AS_A319_EXTWINGSCFM_C.dds AS_A319_EXTWINGSCFM_S.dds AS_AIRBUS_enviromap.dds AS_AIRBUS_EXTGLASS_C.dds AS_AIRBUS_EXTGLASS_L.dds AS_AIRBUS_EXTGLASS_S.dds AS_AIRBUS_FRESNGLASS.dds AS_FresRmp_lack_.dds texture.cfg
  4. Yes it will not open in the livery manger I can only put it on manually.
  5. Hi Stefan I have changed A319 CFM Model=DAIBA it doesn't alter the cockpit but I am getting the rear half of the plane black as well
  6. Hi I have downloaded a repaint for the airbus A319 professional and installed it manually. When it loads in P3Dv4 the cockpit is black any ideas
  7. I asked a question yesterday of when the airbus would be coming out and got sent a link which I opened only to find it didn't answer my question what does D-DAY mean
  8. When will the airbus A318/319 professional be ready
  9. Yes I installed under addministrator my other airports work ok only heathrow in FS9 Heathrow works ok in FSX I can't make it out I have uninstalled heathrow in fs9 and reinstalled it but still no joy.
  10. When at London Heathrow airport I press Ctrl+Shift+W but AES does not start. If I open the AES Configuration to set aircraft parameters I click on the nose wheel but I dont get the green box so I can't set any thing up.
  11. Yes I installed it seperately I have got it working on both sims at Stansted with UK2000 and all the other Airports it is just Heathrow
  12. Can any one help me I have got FS9 and FSX, I can't get AES to work at Mega Airport Heathrow in FS9, But it works ok with FSX
  13. Hi can any one tell me why AES won't work with mega airport heathrow in fs9 I can get it to work in fsx Colin.
  14. Hi can any one tell me why AES won't work with mega airport heathrow in fs9 I can get it to work in fsx Colin.
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